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As soon as you say "impossible, you can't do that" someone goes and does it.


In this case, by "it" I mean hack into the Ford MyTouch Sync system.


While researching another idea I came across this site ... take it as educational info only but interesting none the less.







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Ford is calling off the car connectivity relationship with Microsoft that produced Ford Sync. Ford instead will partner with Blackberry and use its QNX operating system.




This story is from Feb of 2014. Not sure I'm ok with Blackberry in my truck.


Side note .. the QNX operating system is perhaps the ray of light in all this. Blackberry only purchased the QNX company back in 2010.

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No- What is REALLY old news was the report that the a "version" of that system would be applied to the older MFT/MLT vehicles... We even had an inside member here state something to that effect ..

Last update was 8/13......

BUT we have seen none of any new updates let alone a revised system type update!

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