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Can you adjust the fog lights?

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I haven't been down there to check (It's about 0 degrees outside and 25+ MPH winds!) but I was curious if we are able to adjust our fog lights? Specifically up from the stock position. I always use them, but would like a little more from them, they have a great beam output, even and smooth but they barely go far enough to see when I'm in the drivers seat.


I recently installed an HID kit and I'm always weary about "what if" they don't turn on one day, or go out while driving, the fog lights would be my only source of light. (Doubt that would ever happen, I've never had an issue with my DDM kits but this one did come with a bad wire harness so it made me nervous at the time.)


Thanks I'm advance! Any suggestions for higher output bulbs besides HID? What bulb do they take?

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