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Radiator fan running high even when the switch is off

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Hi all

I have a Ford Edge 2013 SE and two days ago I replaced the radiator. After one drive, I noticed the radiator fan was running on high even when I turned the car off. I waited it for a while and didn't turned off so I had to remove the fans connector. Also, at morning and before starting the car I put the connector back and the radiator fan started on High again. I took it to the dealership and says it's the controller on the radiator (PN# 7T43-8C609-BA) and require around $350. I was wondering if it's really that the problem, any help is appreciated?

Thanks, Al

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It sounds like its the fan controller. The computer tells the controller to turn the fans on. I don't think there is a separate relay involved in the process which would be a cheap fix. I don't have my Edge for a long time and I don't know where the controller is located but I assume that it is the component you unplugged the fan from. It may be an easy replacement job. Someone on the site may be able to confirm my opinion and give you help. Good luck.

I just checked Ebay and found one for $220 free shipping

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