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2 Bad axles

Steve Bolland Fiszer

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I bought my edge from a salvage car auction in June of 2013. Only after buying the vehicle did I realize that it had a long list of issues including needing a new engine and transmission plus radatior. :doh: . It took six months in the shop to get everything repaired. Now, almost a year later I was pulling out of the gas station and my front left axle broke. It had to be towed back to the repair shop where the told me that the aftermarket part did not fit and needed a Ford OEM part installed instead. (I don't believe that but cant do anything about it.) Now, after the repaired my left axle the shop toke it for a test drive and the other axle broke. They said it might be that the engine mount might be broken and that is causing the axles to break.


Does this sound right????


Edit: The body shop said that the axle is under warranty and we will not be charged for it.

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