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  1. This is a kick off for the MACT Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX Facebook Live videos that I produce each Sunday afternoon on most weeks. The videos can be found live to the groups MACT FORD EDGE on the Facebook group of the same name or are later up loaded to the MACT Ford Edge youtube channel. They are also posted in HD format with some enhancements on the Facebook page and this forum. Hope you enjoy them. Here is what you missed last week.
  2. What do you need to change or replace on a 2008 Ford Edge with 230,000 miles. I have replaced a total of three wheel bearings with the right front requiring two. (more on that later). I have just finished replacing on both right and left front the following parts. The strut bearing mounts (right front was completely worn) making thumping sounds. The struts (both were completly worn and when pushed down did not extend) I recommend changing the struts and Mounts at 100k as it would be a much better ride. I also changed out the lower control arms/ball joints ( note these are press on and all one unit) The rubber sleeves in both control arms appeared in great shape, but the ball joints were loose with the right front ball joint being very worn and moving) The tie rod ends (outer) were both easily moved to the point that replacement was a better soulution. The Sway bar links had to be replaced just due to the fact that the bolts were so rusted that cutting them off was the only option, so plan on this. The right front wheel bearing was repalced a second time due the the strut and ball joint being so bad that the pressures on the bearing caused it to fail prematurely. The rear shock were changed when tire wear indicated that the shocks were worn, tire wear went away when this was done (look for cuping or inside abnormal wear on the inside tread. Test drive and my Ford Edge is now feeling like it did when I first bought it. Suspension always makes a difference.
  3. Well it finally happened. Lulubelle's water pump failed at just about 330,000 miles. We have completely rebuilt the entire front end of the 3.5 Duratec with all new Motorcraft parts. She is now back on the road and running great. The aim is now at least 500,000 miles on this Duratec if not more.
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    Fresh Air Intake Mod

  5. Jeff and I got together with Antonio (19rs old) to help guide him through his repairs. 2 part series.
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    AGM Battery recommendation

  7. But then they skip and say hey you did not mention this....LOL
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    2016+ PTU issues

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    2016+ PTU issues

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    Need New Battery

    Made it 5 yrs then I left the dash cam running for weeks and seriously killed the battery by discharging it too low. I have a new Odyssey Battery now.
  11. Here is the second part.
  12. As LU nears 320,000 miles I have had to charge the dead 5yrs old battery that I drained due to leaving the Dash Cam plugged in for 1 week and not driving LU. I am also changing the oil early (8K miles) as LU is down 1 qt. Viscosity must of burned off as it was a mix of oils and I think a few of the cheap quarts burned off. Going with Shell Rotella gas truck 5W30 because that is what I have on the shelf. Either way LU is still motoring on without any other maintenance.
  13. I change coolant every 30K miles with peak (long life now called 10x) I use synthetic oil and change according to my driving situation which is mostly highway. 10-12K miles interval generally or until I am nearing a quart low which ever comes first. I use ANY synthetic oil and have been known to create mixes of multiple brands and viscosity.