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  1. freebird

    2012 Ford Edge SEL Splash Shield Needed

    Try a u-pull-it type salvage yard or ebay - I could get something like that for under $5 assuming the vehicle is available.
  2. freebird

    Coolant loss

    You can also have a small crack in radiator that is only gassing at high temperature. Check upper thermoplastic end for evidence of what looks like a water drip on a dusty surface.
  3. freebird

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Long term maintenance costs of the 3.5L with stupid water pump design is really the only thing I dislike about the vehicle.
  4. freebird

    2011 3.5 coolant loss HEAD SCRATCHER!

    Do you a total estimate for replacing all the items that should be addressed "since you're in there...?" Thanks
  5. freebird

    Lifted edge

    How about some 32 in. floaters:
  6. freebird

    2008 ford Edge water pump blown apart

    Somehow Honda and Toyota have figured out how to design an engine with an external water pump in a FWD vehicle.....
  7. freebird

    2008 ford Edge water pump blown apart

    OP had 140000 on his engine at water pump failure time. Is there any general time period that these things fail? This is probably the biggest thing I hate about my edge - a ticking time bomb that everyone knows will need to be replaced at some point yet it is a $1500 job.
  8. freebird

    Transaxle Drain & Refill - How much drains out?

    My 2012 drains around 5 quarts. I use Castrol Transmax multi-vehicle.
  9. freebird

    Intermittent no crank no start—new starter

    Mine initially threw a code - for like a day - so I was in the ball park on where my issue was. I had intermittent erratic idle and difficult to start after fueling. I did a search on here and found others with same issues. Thankfully the part is easy to get to and cheap.
  10. freebird

    Intermittent no crank no start—new starter

    EVAP purge valve - about a $25 part and easy to replace. Plenty of threads on this one.
  11. freebird

    2013 Test drive help

    any warranty available? have your trusted, independent mechanic check the vehicle out and provide a written report
  12. freebird

    MACT oil sample testing series

    Reboot of computer corrected my audio. Thanks for the report. Would like to see the SuperTech oils tested when possible. Have saved a lot of money using their products over the years and have used the Schaeffer Oil analysis showing good performance and have given me good results in my 1996 Toyota truck at 299,967 miles. mo-lib-de-num
  13. freebird

    2013 Edge shutter issue after refuel

    Just went through this one in my 2012 SE and it was the purge valve. Initially noticed odd idle then difficult to start after refueling. It did throw a code which pointed to the purge valve but went off after a drive cycle or two. Thankful it was easily accessible and did not require 10 hours of engine tear down to access!
  14. freebird

    Coolant in Oil

    How many miles on the replacement engine? Did it come with any type of warranty?