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Opening windows and panoramic roof with IKT

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When using the integrated keyhead transmitter to unlock the doors on my 09 MKX, only the two front windows roll down; the panoramic roof does not open with them. Is there a trick to getting the roof to open along with the windows? (Car locked, key in off pos & accessory delay not engaged). Thought all three were supposed to open together after the door(s) unlock?

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From the 2009 MKX owners manual:

Opening front windows and panoramic roof (if equipped)
Press and hold for more than two seconds in order to begin opening the two front windows and venting the panoramic roof (if equipped).
• The control can then be released and the windows and panoramic roof will complete the opening operation.
• If any other remote entry transmitter control is pressed during the opening operation, both windows and panoramic roof movement will stop.
Note: The ignition must be in the off position and the accessory delay feature must be not activated in order for this feature to operate.


There doesn't seem to be any special "trick" to open the panoramic roof. In my 2011, the roof shades would open then the glass would open to the vent position.

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Finally drove me nuts. Drove over to the dealer, fella at the desk had me pull my MKX inside, fiddled with it for a few minutes, inside and out, went through usual experimentation process and then .. bingo, windows went down and roof popped open into vent position.


There "is" a special trick to it. You can program whether the roof opens or not through the IKT.


Darn guy, he figured it out (undocumented procedure) and then jokingly refused to show me how. We got on to another topic and I forgot to go back and have him show me how he did it.


Seems to me he clicked it to unlock the door(s), then held it for two seconds to open the windows and then he pressed it again (didn't see if he held it or clicked it a couple of times), but the roof popped open after the windows were down.


1st the door unlocked, then the windows rolled down, and then the roof pops open.


Now the windows and roof open together. It appears that we can program whether we want the roof to open or not, simply by programming it through the IKT.


(BTW, the IKT cannot open the windows and roof if you are sitting inside the car. That took us five minutes of experimenting to figure that one out).



Unrelated, I also had him print out a "as built" listing on my car and it wasn't equipped with DRL. Don't feel it's worth putting money into it for that so I'm sol.

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