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Fuel injectors


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What problems are you having that lead you to the fuel injector area? The PCM given you any codes?


The quick way to physically check them is to use a tool like this to see the FI pulses.


This doesn't guarantee though that the injector is not sticking or fouled. For that, you have to pull the injector, attach it to a fuel source and a power source, then check the spray pattern as you pulse the power. Or better yet, send to a fuel injector cleaning service for analysis.

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Fuel mileage bad? just remember it goes down "always" in the winter an garages and quick lubes always use this to sell tuneups and fuel injector cleaning to get your $$$. wait a few more weeks till it warms up and your mileage will again increase for two reasons. 1) not ideling to warm up as much 2) fuel mixtures will change to summer mixture I recommend a can of injector cleaner (your choice) opinons vary. Buy top tier gas like Kwik Star or Shell It the highway for a drive longer than 10 minutes Highway drive of and hour with constant level rpm will do wonders. Make sure the oil change place is using the viscosity of oil recommended 5-20 etc. Injectors fail but this is rare especially on the version of 3.5 you have.

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You can, positive probe on the positive terminal, negative probe on negative, like any other electrical connection. Yes, you have to use the Ohms scale to check for resistance, should be about the same values for all of them. If the needle swings to infinity, that's an open circuit, and you know that injector needs to be replaced. Not sure what our injectors specifically should show, can't find the specs.


This is all assuming the PCM is working properly through its' wires & circuits as well. The FI may be ok, the PCM may not.


This writeup is not specific to our 3.5L, but it gives you an idea:


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