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Got a 2011 Sport 30 days ago (73k mi)


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Thought I'd share/ask some of my experiences so far.




I LOVE the bump on the handle that unlocks, and news to me after 25 days, locks too!

The power feels very linear, with no real lag anywhere in the RPM range. Had a turbo VW and was used to a gap in power response.


The vista roof is beautiful, but as the driver 99% of the time, I rarely "see" it.


Sooooo smooth on the highway feels like a pricy european ride. A very refined driving experience.

Remote start is a really nice option.


Fits all my photo gear (~6 pelican cases) and the seats can stay up for the dag.

Hardwiring the Valentine1 was easy.

I feel like it's still worth the original MSRP of $40k+

Suspension is stiff. Fun in paved, smooth corners.




Suspension is stiff. Not fun in parking lots with speed bumps, potholes and tight corners. I have a bad back and this scenario killed me yesterday.

The first mm of gas pedal pressure is a bit touchy. I feel like I need a bit more range in the very begging.

Getting around 17mpg in city driving, but I drive it like I stole it most days.


The vista roof trim on the right side detached from the front connection point and slipped way back into the roof track. I figured it out, but it prevented the roof from fully closing until I MacGyvered the trim back into place.


The front end and driver mirror/A pillar are VERY difficult to see around. Making a left turn requires a lot of attention and neck craning to ensure there isn't a curb, or small family in your turn radius.


The never ending console and door pockets. Nearly unusable, as both are so deep there is zero chance of organization.

Prior owner seems to have used fingerpainting skills to do touch up work. It's a travesty.

NAV is garbage. I mean, when it works (50/50) it's OK, but it takes a backseat to Waze/Gmaps.



Question though. When locking the car with the fob, one press locks it, two presses locks and honks. Besides the horn sound, what's the difference?


I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting.

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