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3.5 Engine turned off


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Engine: 3.5 non-ecoboost


While I was in stand still traffic for about 20 seconds or so I noticed that the engine turned off. Then it displayed "full accessory drive" in the left screen (where it displays the speed). When I tried to accelerate it did not turn back on. To get the car going I had to shift into park and start the engine via push button.

For now I've disabled auto start-stop, (turns out the 3.5 does not have auto start stop). Anyone else has had this happen to them?


Did some searching and found this which is pretty similar to what happened to me.




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what model you have? I thought I read in the manual that there is an Auto Engine on/off it will cause the engine to turn off and once you let go of the break or press it again that it would turn back on.


I have the 3.5 (non ecoboost), this engine does not have auto startstop. It has a feature called "Auto Engine Off" but that turns off the engine when it's been idling for 30 minutes.



If you have Auto StartStop (which I don't) you'll see this



I'll start keeping my phone next to me to record if this ever happens again. :cry:

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