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Axles / Drive shafts


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Just replaced my front axles. Not a bad job if you have big air tools. My friend and I did it in about 1 1/2 hours.

The drivers side was complaining when making left turns.

We removed the top two bolts on the suspension and banged the axle out. the drivers side came out easily, the passenger side was a real PITA. Lots of banging to get it out of the tranny before it let go.

Two things to watch out for, There were metal dust caps on the axles that needed to be transferred to the new axles and have a quart of trans fluid handy, you will lose some when you pull the axles.

The axles were EBay and made in the USA, The labor cost was a 1.75 bottle of JD.

Sorry about not taking pictures but there are lots of videos on YouTube.

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