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Which Motorcraft Part # for Struts?


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Ok, planning to do a fairly detailed suspension thread and putting together a parts list. I'd like to go OEM, but apparently there are two different part numbers based on the build date. 18" wheels.


From Ford parts:

Right Front

AST-867 for a build date before 11/16/2008 $95.22

AST-888 for a build date after that. $90.03


Left Front

AST-891 $67.44


From Rock Auto:

Right Front

AST913 {#AST888 $56.79

AST867 $65.79


Left Front

AST910 {#AST891 $46.79

AST868 $65.79


Door Jam sticker says build date was 11/2008. Great. I have exactly 50% chance of choosing wrong. On the left I'm confident in 891, but does anyone know if there's a difference between AST913(888) and AST 867? Google says nothing...


I'm almost leaning towards KYB just to avoid a frustrating return with Rock Auto. They've sold me the wrong part before, and because Ford listed the wrong part for my Taurus (bastardized fuel pump assemblies with like 20393 different build combinations) they wouldn't cover return shipping...



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