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Media Players Supported by SYNC?

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I have a 2013 Edge Limited with MFS 3.8 software. At one time, the owner site listed media players supported by Sync. It would appear that the listing has either been moved or doesn't exist anymore. I'd appreciate anyone sharing a link to a list if it still exists. Since buying my Edge, I've had a Microsoft Zune plugged into one of the USB ports. I have never had much in the way of issues except since the software upgrade. I finally took all the content off and placed it on a thumbdrive and watched the issues go away. So, I'm thinking the system has problems with the player. Anyway, I'd appreciate finding out whether Ford has abandoned support for all or some players and transitioned on to phones only?

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There is no doubt since Gen2 V3.8 was installed that the a usb thumbdrive works better. However, when I owned my 2008 SEL, there was a compatibility listing on one of the Ford websites. Apparently, it no longer exists.


Hi tloewenberg,


Our list online has a few known compatible media players: http://owner.ford.com/how-tos/sync-technology/all/phone-setup/phones-compatible-with-sync.html#?year=2015&model=Edge&syncGen=myFordTouch&country=usThere isn't a separate list. They are listed under the manufacturers name.



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Thanks, Shaay! Yes, that's the list I was looking for. I went to that page but mistakenly thought it was phones only. Since loading Gen2 V3.8 software/firmware, I've had nothing but problems with spurious issues. I, after talking to the MFS support folks via telephone and website chat, scheduled a rebuild at the dealership where the car is usually serviced. In the span of two weeks, I went from a MFS satisfied customer to a frustrated whack-job. Thanks, again.

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