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Interior LEDs causing alarm to go off and remote start failure?

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Might need to change the LED bulbs out, or solder in some resistors to the existing ones. I would isolate the culprit fixture by replacing LED with incandescent one at a time.

have read that some leds do actually shut down completely? i am going to add a resistor across one of the leds and see if it helps. if not i believe that my remote start has an input for a trunk sensor..that i may be able to add a relay and make it think its just the trunk that is open.

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I had a Jeep GC that I installed LED interior lighting in. When finished some of the lights stayed on or flickered a little bit. I went back and changed one bulb back to incandescent bulb and problem went away. I chose a light in the cargo area that you could not see was different unless you had the hatch open at night. Worked great for me.

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