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Edge Transmission Shifter Adjustment


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My search function is not working correctly on my browser, keeps showing nothing found.


I used the shifter over ride on the console to put the vehicle in neutral then I performed the OSS and TSS replacement following the manual. Topped off with fluids, reconnected everything. Put it back in park. Reset the computer codes. Cranked the car and the shifter is acting up.


First I had, Park in P, Neutral in R, Neutral in N, Forward in H, not sure in L.


I inserted the key back in the over ride on the console, and moved the shifter from Park to L and back to Park.


Recranked the car and now I have: Park in P, Reverse in R, Neutral in N, Neutral in H, and Reverse in L.


What is the reset for this? Any suggestions would be great.

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Did you have the battery disconnected before you started work on this project? If not, it is possible the shifter or the Transmission Range Sensor are faulty or not connected properly. Also check that the selector lever cable is adjusted properly.


Selector Lever Cable Adjustment

  1. Disconnect the selector lever cable end from the manual lever.


  1. Place the manual lever in DRIVE.
    1. Rotate the manual lever clockwise until it stops.
    1. Rotate the manual lever counterclockwise one detent.


  1. Place the selector lever in DRIVE.


  1. Unlock the adjuster by sliding the locking tab over.


  1. Slide the cable end forward or backward to align it with the manual lever.


  1. With the adjuster locking tab released, connect the selector lever cable end to the manual lever.


  1. Slide the release tab back to lock the adjuster.


  1. Verify that the vehicle starts in PARK and NEUTRAL only and that the reverse lamps illuminate in REVERSE.
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I did have the battery disconnected before I started. I am wondering if I lined the transmission range sensor up properly. I am almost positive I lined the lever up in the initial position as I found it. I wish I knew which gap it should be in to be corrected if I need to tear I back open. I will try thr reset as you mentioned before I drain the fluid and check inside.

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Could be. The only other thing I see regarding the transmission range is the possibility of a bent TR detent plate, which looks like it is part of the sensor assembly, so if true would be fixed by replacing the sensor.

Is it possible I may of unaligned the cable/selector in the console when I did the shifter override?

Don't know if this will help, but here is a TRS related YT video:

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I have downloaded the chitons manual and this is not clarified.


On the top right of the valve body there is a piston, this piston touches the manual lever inside the transmission. There is a bolt, or rod that is part of the transmission range sensor that moves left and right with the manual lever.


Does this rod/bolt fit the far right groove on the piston? To help clarify my question. Does this rod on the transmission range sensor/assembly move this piston left and right through the valve body to change the gear selection in the valve body?


When I removed the valve body yesterday, I could not note its location once I pulled the valve body.


This piston has notches down its entire length and moves freely once the valve body was removed. It almost fell out.





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