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Still Trying to Order a 2016


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So far two dealers have informed me that the Ford order system will not accept 3 items I am trying to order on a 2016 Sport.

  1. Adaptive Cruise (I think was available in 2015)
  2. Cold weather package
  3. Inflatable rear seat belts (show as included on Ford build & price but actually need to be ordered).

They are listed on the build sheets from the dealers and have the MSRP attached but the dealers inform me they get “unavailable” when try ing to get the build into the system.

Is this part of the system ordering problem Ford is having?

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How do you know they are included?


I just took a look at a dealer ordered 2016 Sport window sticker. The adaptive cruise was indeed listed as an option on this car. It was a west coast car so I doubt they would order the cold weather package and the inflatable seat belts are also an option that was not on this car. A bit of concern at the top of the sticker where they list "standard equipment included at no extra charge" there is NO listing for the standard power tilt/telescoping or adaptive power steering. I know the list is not all inclusive but you would think these two items would be included in the list. No mention on Ford build site about late availability. All this stuff has me thinking about waiting till these hit the dealers. Too many questions.


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I have no information concerning what items are with what package, especially since the build configurator is different than how the dealer ordered. I just meant to say the order is scheduled, and not on any hold that the dealer is aware of. That may change tomorrow........I hope not.


Adaptive cruise 63A, and Inflatable rear belts 52R, and Cold weather Package 55C were all options, on the order.

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Boosted Edge;


How do you know you are getting "Adaptive Power Steering" and the "Power Steering Wheel if so ordered). It is not listed anywhere on the window sticker. Ford says Adaptive PS is standard but not listed on sticker. Also the Power Steering wheel is supposed to be standard (on sport) but on Ford Build and Price it is not shown at all, not even as an available option. In the comparison the Steering Wheel shows up "Manual: but can be optioned to Power.

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I do not know positively, but the order guide says that Adaptive Steering and Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering column with Memory, is under the Interior/Comfort section of the 2016 Order guide.


After that, I guess it is faith that Ford will put those items in as specified. In a few weeks, I guess we will all find out. The adaptive steering is something I really want.


Ford probably has a few glitches still in the Build and Price, and has not caught up with the new items on the Window Sticker.

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Well, I think all those options will be there. I had a on line chat with Ford week before last and was assured the power steering wheel was standard and given the fact it cannot be found as an option I think you are ok. As far as Adaptive Steering goes, they are playing it up on the web site and there is no mention of "late Availability" Just interesting it is not listed on the sticker. That said the sticker does not list everything standard on the car. I think you will be fine. If I learn anything else I will let you know. Please let us know when it comes in if these are included. I wonder how you can tell in adaptive steering s on the car?

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