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Wiper Springs

Chris Purvis

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Hi folks,


Is there some way to make the wiper springs stronger? (Push down on the windshield harder) I find in the winder I often can't see well because the wipers are too firm to be pushed flat on the windshield.


I carefully remove all ice from both the windshield and the blades, but it usually does not help when it's cold. I am using those flexible blades that have no pivot points. This occurred with the original blades as well. The blades themselves are quite new and it great shape.


I'm not sure if there's an adjustment I can do, or if maybe I need to replace the springs that pull the bars down towards the windshield.


Thanks for any info!




P.S. I am not a gearhead at all, but have done minor stuff like replace headlamps. I'm sure I can manage to fix this if someone gives me some direction

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From my experience with frameless wipers on the Edge/MKX, they don't contour well to the windshield. Think of it as the windshield is curved too much for the wipers make full contact on the glass. Go back to regular wipers or those "hybrid" designs where the wiper looks like a frame less design but actually has a frame beneath the outer shell.

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