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Steering wheel controls Removal--Need Help

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Was going to post this in my vinyl thread but didn't know how many people would actually see it


anybody have a diagram or can make a video of removing them? They do pull out a little but it seems like there is a bolt holding them behind the airbag cover and I don't want to go yanking things out and break more stuff.




Have you tried pulling the bag off?

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Started too but can't seem to get it off all the way. I can unhook the top part of the cover but there are 2 other clips I cant get too.

Pull the bag off, then take the wheel off. I believe you can take the plastic off the back side of the wheel, that should make the buttons accessible. To take the wheel off you need to put a tiny screwdriver or small pick in the small holes in the side of the wheel to release the spring that holds the bag in place. There's a YouTube video of it if you need.

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Are the Cruze switches on the left in a group of 4. I have the replacement switch and it looks like it would just pull out but there is a small brass threaded grommet on the top and bottom that look like it could possibly be secured with a little screw

Did this from my phone.. If you need pictures I have them. Nick I know this doesn't help you.

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