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Completely Confused on Remote Start

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I have been reading the posts on the OEM remote start, and I must say that I am completely confused :headscratch: with the part #'s and if it's to be installed in the rear quarter or under the dash. I have a 2014 SEL w/power liftgate, power locks, power windows, sync w/auto climate, and the hood switch wiring with no hood switch. There are alot of part #'s shown and I don't know which one I'm to be using. Could someone please help this simple minded person get it right the first time. Thanks to all.


This is what I am looking at;

5 button remote #DA8Z-19G364-A

hood switch #BT4Z-19G366-A

long range antenna #DL3Z-15603-C


Thanks Again and Happy New Year

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Got it. OK. Let's clear things up.


The reason this became so confusing is that before late 2013 all installations were performed in the rear LH panel. Now after that date (late model 2013 and newer), then wanted the connections to be done up front. Pre-late 2013 everything connected to the TPMS. After that, the remote start antenna connected to the TPMS and everything else connects to the OBD.


Now, because you have the power lift gate, you already have the Vehicle Security System) located up under the dash (you should be able to see a Y cable coming off the OBDII connector and one cable going into a small black box (this is the VSS module). This is where you will connect the long range antenna to. If you do not have one, then I would look into one of the ALL-IN-ONE kits I mention below.


You have to decide if you want short or long range. Note: the 5 button IKT fobs are only for SHORT range remote starting, they cannot operate long range (even with the LR aerial installed).


For either you need the following:

  • Hood switch: BT4Z-19G366-A
  • Remote start antenna (connects to the TPMS module in the rear LH panel) - DA8Z-15603-A. Remote Start cannot be activated (via IDS) on your vehicle without this installed

For short range remote start (IKT) you need the following:

  • 5 button integrated Keyhead kit (DA8Z-19G364-A) This entire kit consists of ONLY two 5 button IKT fobs. You can save quite a few $$ on this if you go with non OEM. I have been using my 4 button versions from the exact same seller for over a year without any issues at all (and I had the keys cut for free at home depot). For your application you can just buy this instead: http://www.ebay.com/itm/351271181175.

For long range remote start you need the following:

  • Long range fob (DS7Z-15K601-F) or the Bi-directional long range fob which also has an indicator that the car has started (DL3Z-15K601-A)
  • Long range aerial antenna: DL3Z-15603-C This connects up front to the VSS module.

Lastly, you can also opt to install the all-in-one long range kit (CL3Z-19G364-A), which includes the TPMS antenna, LR antenna and LR fob or you can also get the bi-directional version (BT4Z-19G364-A), which is identical kit but with bi-directional remote.

Either option allows you to wire everything at the rear LH panel instead of some up front and some in the back.


These were the all-in one kits made available before the late 2013 change over but will still work in your car. Using these all-in-one kits really comes down to what pricing you are finding. If the separate components are less expensive, just go that route.


Hopefully that clears it up for you. If not, please ask any additional questions you might have.


Heres some additional information that might help:


2011-early 2013 remote starter kits: http://www.paulmachenry.com/documents/Hero%20Cards/2013%20Remote%20Start%20Apps%20Chart.pdf


late 2013- 2014 remote starter kits: http://www.paulmachenry.com/documents/Hero%20Cards/FORD%20RMST%20Apps.pdf

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You also need the remote start antenna.


1. RFR antenna, that plugs into TPMS

2. Long range antenna

3. Long range fob

4. Hood switch


You can do the install yourself in an hour or less.


Then go to dealer and have them activate your remote start in the IDS. They should be able to do it for as little as 0.5 hour labor.

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ebay has some good prices:


Long range all in one is $240: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252208855767


And bi-directional all in one is $261: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281244042354


Or you can part it out...


RFR antenna for $25 from Levittown ford


Hood switch $16.50 from Levittown ford


Lr antenna: $49 Levittown ford


Lr fob: $33 from Levittown ford (b-d fob is $66)


Again, parting it out is much cheaper if you have the VSS module up front under the dash. If not, the VSS module is $157. At that point the all in one kits make more sense.


I recommend buying everything from Levittown (Benny is an excellent source of help when installing too!) unless the pricing is completely to good to pass up (such as the all in one kits).

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I have a 2010 limited. I just installed ford oem remote start last week. Part # SK9L2J-19G364-AA. Bi directional with pats interface. It does not plug n play in the rear of the vehicle it is mostly hard wired in the front of the car. I installed hood switch and the pats code ring around the ignition. It is not plug n play. Range is good so far. My factory key fob range is garbage.i am happy with the range on the remote start fob. I haven't been anywhere yet where it hasn't worked.

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yea you high class people with the new rides have those plug n play perks!! lol jk its funny, the guy at the dealership told me the techs would be pissed if i brought my car in after i installed the remote start myself to have it programmed...so i told him "ok,ill just program it myself!" he tried telling me i could not do it myself.... he was wrong!

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