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IMPORTANT if you plan on adding aftermarket amp to Sony system!! Save equipment damage

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Hey guys,

Adding this to it's own thread in hopes of helping others.


I just finished doing a major install in my 2015 edge only to struggle with a high pitched noise, added heat and turn on thumps. After doing research I found this thread in regard to the same symptoms and the factory Sony amp.



Others have been having tweeters, amps, and caps burn up due to the high frequency emitted from the Class D amp running unloaded. This, of course, send that same high frequency to your pre amp outputs of any LOC. Some have ran multiple crossovers to resolve this, but they still run into thumps and heat. To resolve this we need to put load back on the amp from the speakers we took off. So for me, I unhooked Front Mids and Tweets (4), rear doors (2) and sub (2). This means I needed to add 8 resistors to the factory amp output. Here is what I came up with with after reading the Focus thread.


I 3D printed a generic case, cut up a clipboard, and went at it with parts all from Amazon.











This is a drawing from one of the guys on the other thread to show you how it all comes together, just my resistors are all in one spot.





I can do a parts list if needed. I will be installing today and hope it takes care of my issues.

Here is a link to my build if curious.


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