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2013 Ford Edge SEL Rear Window Tint Match

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I think that they're 35% to comply with various state laws.


Also, when you go to get them tinted, when you tell them "make them match "X" windows, they'll use a light meter so they know.


As soon as the communist state of Illinois passed front side windows getting tinted, I had a local shop match the rears. Looks so much better.


I also had them install a "safety film" to another window. Its clear but, it blocks nearly 98% IR.UV light from outside hitting the dash. HUGE difference in heat levels. Much cooler now.

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So I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL, and my Edge came with rear tinted windows from the factory and I was wondering if any of you guys knows the percentage of the factory window tint? I am asking because I am planning to tint all 3 front windows the same tint as the rear tint. Thanks!

I installed Global Qdp 20 on the wifeys to match the rear and its spot on! The rear will meter 22-24% so a tad bit darker on the fronts, that makes up for all the light coming thru the windshield. Hope this helps

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