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Dealer got a 2016 in stock today...

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It is looking like tomorrow will be the big test drive!


I have been lurking here for awhile as I have been obsessing about cars for the last 4-6 months or so. Ford Edge is on my short list. I like the quiet, the ride, the tech, the looks.


The only thing I do not like is the front seats. I found the bottom too short/not supportive enough. I am very sensitive to that. I even googled around for some sort of a booster seat that would extend the bottom cushion somehow. No find :(


I have not tried the 2016, as I crossed off the 2015 because of the short time to the 2016 and the Sync 3.


I really like my car, it is 4 years old and has been perfect to me. So this is not an easy decision at all. BMW X5, Volvo XC60 and keeping my car seem to be the options. X5 is superb, but pricey.


Or maybe even a loaded Escape.


Thanks for listening. It looks like Ford has really been paying attention, and the Edge is a big success.




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