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Interesting leak


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Question... I was changing out my struts. On the driver side as I was positioning the strut a leak started where the axle connects to the ___? Brown fluid. once I positioned the strut and aligned the bolt holes the leak stopped. Probably a half quart of fluid on the floor. Question is what fluid do i need to top off and where? Also why would the leak stop?? Did the seal not break? Thoughts? 2008 AWD ford edge SEL.

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Have you changed out the transmission fluid? What is the color of the trans fluid? Reason I ask is that the driver side axle leak at the transmission is known to happen. Given the quantity of fluid, I believe the seal does need to be replaced. Not sure why it stopped, but surely under stress it will recur.

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Trans fluid has a red (unless its really dead) tinge to it. New it looks like watery blood. But after its used for 10k or more, it goes more towards the brownish red. Also can stink pretty good as well.


The transfer case (PTU) fluid starts life as brown "oil" color and semi translucent. If moisture gets to it, it'll go milky brown.


and the amount can be explained because this is about how much is in the PTU which the axle shafts plug into. Letting the axle shafts hand might have opened the axle to seal seal and allowed the "gear" lube to exit.


Just my hypotenuse. :)

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