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Rotora big brake kit for 2011-2014 Edge.

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Just thought I'd pass this along since I've decided to pass on it myself.


While checking out various ideas I've been having about doing big brakes on the front of my Edge, (ex: Cadillac CTS calipers, rotors, and a bracket - can't be done at this time, but you get the drift) I visited the Rotora people who HAVE a big brake kit that are similar to the Brembo system but a tad less expensive. They have a "clearance" page and low and behold, this -> comes with two 14.9" rotors (stock is like 12.6 iirc) two 6 piston calipers, pads, SS lines, banjo bolts and the copper washers. That is a great deal, but for my daily driver on the highway and no mountain roads to play on, $1700 (almost 1/3 of list price) is still a bit outside my rationale.


So, here is the info, better that someone from here gets these than not.



FORD FORD EDGE 2011-2014 (U387)

Front: 6-Piston | 380x32mm | Street Pads | Stainless Lines

System Type: Street Challenge
Caliper Finish: Red
Disc Type: 3-D Drilled | 2-Piece Disc

(I asked about service parts after the fact.)

Hello Lane,

Rotora will always have replacement/service parts available. Give me a call when you are ready to take this set. Thank you.





626-813-7900 (ext: 115)




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yea... my thought was, for a non-race, daily driver that see the expressway 70% of its life, I just couldn't rationalize $1700 vs ~$400 for front brakes. In my mind I also question that radical of an upgrade to the front might bring on the need to upgrade the rear or adjust its bias at the very least. For me, maybe if they would come down to the $1000 or below range, I'd consider it.

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