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Will 22" Sport Wheels Fit on 2014 SEL???


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Kinda seems like a dumb question but just making sure before I go to try to get the tires on...Are the fender wells the same between the sport and the Sel??? I was parked next to a suv today that had 22's and they just looked so huge...haha...I bought the chrome sport wheels off ebay...excited to get them on!!!

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The offset is what you need to know. 22" wheels will fit in the wheel wells at rest (assuming the offset allows them to fit over the hub/brakes), but if the offset is too far off, you could have issues. If you already bought them, just be careful when you install them and make sure you arent gona ruin a fender when you turn

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Seems like they would because the cars are basically the same...bought some wheels and want to make sure they will fit...Any Rubbing issues on the inner fenders when turning, etc??? I'm planning on putting on 265/40/22 tires...Thanks!!!


--> To answer your question, YES they will fit…. and again YES the wheel wells are the same. How do I know? Because I did it on my girlfriend's 2011 MKX (which has the same wheel wells as an Edge.


Good luck,


Claude. ;)

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