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  1. On my 2016 Titanium, I did have to replace the usb hub and download some new updated software, but after it was done, it worked great! I had it done at the dealer. Also, I'm using Android Auto so I don't know about Apple Car Play. Claude. P.S: I didn't have to change any "faceplate"… … also, all Edges are built at the Oakville, Ont. plant… (not Oshawa).
  2. I got my '19 Titanium earlier this year (July) and it replaced my '16 titanium with the V6 engine. While I love everything about the car (looks, comfort, ride, etc…) I'm having a very hard time to get used to the 4 cyl engine . It buzzes like if I was driving a Hyundai Accent or any other cheap small car… The sound of the V6 was more pleasant, smoother too. Day after day while driving my Edge, I regret not getting a ST just to have the V6 engine (even if it has the all-black trim making it look like a base model which is THE reason why I chose the Titanium). Anyone else here feels like I do? Claude.
  3. 2FAST4U

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    Will do! Claude.
  4. 2FAST4U

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    Yeah… my '16 Titanium had the V6 in it and I loved it… but now that I've had my '19 Titanium for 7 months I'm ok with the 4 cyl. engine's performance and it's different (from the V6), typical 4 cyl. noise… I find it "peppier" than the V6 in stock form…. but... I bought a programmer to put some "performance tunes" in it… Can't wait to see the difference they will make! As for the rotary shifter well, I'm ok with it. Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U

    Mustang Mach-E First Edition Reservation Facts

    First, a 4 door vehicle shouldn't be named "Mustang". Second, It might be a matter of taste but I find it ugly, (but that's me)… and last... e-l-e-c-t-r-i-c ? …Uuugh!… I find that the Edge looks much nicer and it makes me think of something… : If Ford wanted to have an electric suv, then why not offer an electric or hybrid version of the Edge? Claude.
  6. 2FAST4U

    Mustang Mach-E First Edition Reservation Facts

    That "Mustang" electric thing is downright U-G-L-Y. Claude.
  7. Has anyone here tried the Livernois "Mycalibrator" touch tuner for the 2.0L engine? If "yes" is it worth it? I'm asking because I might be interested in getting one but at $600. I'd like some feedback about before buying… LINK: https://www.livernoismotorsports.com/product/LPP631154 … And what about their "Throttle enhancer" ? Worth it or not? LINK: https://www.livernoismotorsports.com/product/LPP690401 Thanks, Claude.
  8. I know, I asked them for three tunes, one for 87-89 octane, one for 94+ octane and last a "crazy" (or a "race" one)… but I only got one. What bugs me is that I paid $500. for the tuner + another $200. (duty fees and exchange rate ) so that thing ends up costing me $700. (CAN)…. and all this for only one tune?… Claude. P.S: I'm going to call them this coming week to try to have them "build" me some more tunes but I dunno how it will turn out..
  9. I was able to speak to someone yesterday and was told that I'd receive a tune the next day (today). Well I checked this morning and indeed I received a tune but I was expecting to receive more than only one !… I downloaded it in my programmer but haven't downloaded it in my Edge yet because we're in the middle of a snowstorm right now and will not be able to drive and "try" the car to see the difference the tune will (hopefully) do… More later... Claude.
  10. 2FAST4U

    De-Chroming 2012 Edge Limited

    You should've bought a SEL or a Sport model… the Limited is the all-chrome version. Claude.
  11. 2FAST4U

    Greetings from NOLA

    Pardon my ignorance but… what or where is "NOLA" ? Claude.
  12. I finally was able to "talk to someone" at Livernois today and was told that the guy who was taking care of me last time is gone on vacation … Claude.
  13. Still haven't heard from Livernois since Jan 24th. when I sent them the info they needed to "build" some tunes for me… I wonder why it's taking so long… Claude.
  14. 2FAST4U

    Collecting license plates

    Over the years, I've collected license plates from all 50 states and I have some left which I have for sale… Here's a picture below of the ones I have right now… Let me know if you're interested... Thanks, Claude.
  15. 2FAST4U

    Collecting license plates

    Oops… I forgot to say that I'd like $15. each but can do a better price if you take several. thanks, Claude
  16. I'm wondering if there's a way to remote-start my '19 Edge using a cell phone app (Android)? Thanks, Claude.
  17. Nick, here's the latest message I got from them last Friday: "Claude, Glad to hear you were able to get that stock read sent over to the server now. I have sent the read and information over to the head calibrators now and will let you know soon as i hear back from them with some good news which will most likely take a bit longer than usual since this is a new ECU strategy code. Unfortunately when there's a brand new code like this for example that's not yet been requested previously they have to build new tunes and that takes more time than our usually 1-2 business day turnaround times on already supported codes. I have requested tunes for both low and high octane fuels and once they have become available to me I'll upload them and assign them to your tuner so you can download them when done. I thank you very much for your patience and cooperation on this and I hope you have a wonderful weekend Claude!" So now, I'm waiting to hear from them. Claude.
  18. 2FAST4U

    Door Sill protectors

    Thanks for this other link… however, I'm not crazy about buying stuff from China as I've been "had" in the past and never got any refund… but wrapping the sills with clear 3M film is probably what I'll do if I don't find any stainless steel plates. Thanks, Claude.
  19. 2FAST4U

    Door Sill protectors

    Thank you "ONEDGE16" for the links… but I should've specified that I want some without any lettering as there already is the word "Edge" on the original sill plates. I'm looking for plain ones to put on the painted surface below them. Thanks, Claude.
  20. 2FAST4U

    Door Sill protectors

    --> What I'm looking for is some stainless steel plates for the painted section below the original sill plates. That area gets scratched easily if people rub their boots against it…. Claude.
  21. There's no problem. I do this all the time when jacking up my Edge to change from all-season tires to winter tires… and back to all-season when springtime is back. Claude.
  22. Yesterday evening, I was little frustrated about the fact that my tuner would no longer connect with my PC after Livernois sent me an update to upload in the tuner so I turned everything off and went to bed. This morning, I turned the PC back on and thought I'd give it another try… and this time, it did connect! I guess that it's because after uploading the update, I needed to restart the PC but I just didn't know… I sent Livernois the stock tune so they can make me some custom tunes… This might take a few days so, more updates later! Claude.
  23. I'm a little disappointed today… Again I am not able to have the tuner to connect to the PC!… I was able to read and save the vehicle's stock program but when I went back to my PC, I wasn't able to make it connect anymore. This is getting frustrating!. Claude.
  24. I certainly hope so!… What I can't wait to see is how big of a difference there will be between "stock" and "tuned"… Claude.
  25. When you receive the tuner, it is "empty" and you have to do what I explained in my last post (which is to download the software in your PC and connect it to the tuner and register it). I'm not quite done yet as I still have to send Livernois the info they need ( serial # from device, vehicle make, year and model, what kind of engine, what's the octane rating of the fuel you intend to use, ECU strategy code and SW id number (whatever that is, etc…) for them to make some custom-made tunes for my car. After you received the tunes, you download them in the tuner using the software in your PC. Then, when all of that is done you take the tuner in your vehicle and download the tune of your choice… and next… have fun! Can't wait to try it!… Claude.