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2008 Edge AWD hard shifting after replacing battery


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I have a 2008 Ford Edge AWD. My battery died last night, so I went out today and picked one up and installed it. Now my transmission is shifting very hard, it almost feels like it's slipping. It's the worst from 2-3, 3-4, 4-5. Never had any problem with it until I changed the battery. Has any one else had this issue? Is there a time relearning period after a battery disconnect? Appreciate any help.

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I would think it's the relearning process. I grounded out my battery to reset everything once and my normally bad shifting was even worse for a time. Can't say how long it will take, but it should smooth out.

Thanks. That's what I'm hoping, had me worried though. Surprisingly, never had a problem with shifting before, and it feels like the tranny was about to fall out when it shifts now lol.

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Same thing happened to me when I replaced my battery. First thing was the selective system shutdown (that can be confusing if you've never experienced it) and then the battery died completely. After I replaced the battery the system had to re-learn my driving pattern (accell/decell) to reset the shift points. Took a while driving around town but it should smooth out after a while.

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Shift pattern/driving style/shift pressure, whatever.... it shifts different after a new battery installation but will relearn the shift (insert favorite word here) and will smooth out relatively soon. Better? :)




Some people think it will change if you change drivers - that’s the part that people get confused about.

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