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Noticed last week when I arrived at a factory to conduct an inspection that the flexible rubber gasket that connects to a small, thin rail, on the underside of the sliding moon roof, was free and disconnected (only on the drivers side).


It also had the appearance that it had been squashed in a twisted "S" curve, indicating that it had been disconnected for some time (getting squished crooked when the roof was closed.


I easily reconnected the gasket to the rail and noticed that it became disconnected as the roof was nearly closed. I *think* that the unnatural curve in the gasket is putting too much stress on the "crimp" connection and it just pops off the rail.


Currently I have it closed with the gasket connected, hoping that this will re-straighten the curve out of the rubber, but time will tell (may have been disconnected for years afaik.)


Anyone have any other ideas as to what I can do to force the rubber gasket back into a straight alignment? Tried over bending the rubber by hand, thinking it would begin the retake the proper shape, but it continues to take the S shape.


Thinking of using a hair dryer to heat the rubber, but the old doctors guide, "first do no harm".

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When I first had my '13 Edge I had all sorts of problems with this gasket. It would pop out every time I used the sunroof, on both sides. I eventually glued the bottom portion down and the top portion eventually stayed put. I live in CA so the hot weather may of had something to do with it conforming to the rails.

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