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2018 Ford Edge Titanium intermittent multiple system failures

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Purchased new 2018 Ford Edge Titanium, after driving an hour back from dealership I stopped into DMV for tag which took two hours. When I came back out to the new car and started it up the A/C would not turn on, the driver and passenger front windows would not roll down, center console volume knob did not work, received a tire pressure monitor system failure, rear hatch would not open. Six hours later at 9:30PM at night systems started working. Over the course of two weeks the failures have returned 5 times all day long, until it cools off. Have taken to dealership 3 times with the latest visit they have kept it for 4 days and counting. Has anyone heard of this heating issue? Have only own the vehicle for 2 weeks, with no use out of it yet. Should I contact a lawyer?

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Picked up a 2018 Edge Titanium 2.0L Eco on August 16th. On the 19th, my climate crontrol was acting up. Would only blow cold air when on max a/c or when temperature set to 15celcius. As soon as it was set to 15.5celcius it blew nothing but hot air. Recorded temps from both passenger side and drivers side on video. Took into dealer next morning but issue had gone away. Will be keeping an eye on it but not feeling confident with over a week of ownership and seeing someone else with similar but a more lengthy list of issues. Will be scheduling a return visit soon to address issue of missing menus on information display cluster and no activation of auto start stop since purchased.

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You don't need a lawyer to file a claim under your states lemon law. Just look it up, become familiar with it so you know when the clock has expired. Usually so many days and or so many visits to the dealer. You will have to write letters and make phone calls, but why waste $1000 on a lawyer?

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