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  1. I'm not sure that ever actually did anything.
  2. todd92

    Pressure washer

    Pressure washers are fine. It's the idiot holding the nozzle too close that can be a problem.
  3. todd92

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    5 miles each way, the engine is barely warmed up. If the 5 miles includes lots of stops, 14 MPG is feasible.
  4. todd92

    Oil Change timeline

    When the oil monitor says change it. You can also pull a more frequent interval out of your ass, because Ford has no idea what they are doing.
  5. todd92

    AGS disable 2019+

    What's AGS?
  6. todd92

    To lock or not lock?

    I don't lock either my X5 or any of my Fords when parked in the garage and never have any issues.
  7. todd92

    Buying Back my Lease

    Not true. From the Ford Credit website:: *If you have moved and it is no longer convenient to return to your originating dealer (the dealership which originated your lease), you may return or purchase your lease vehicle through any participating Ford Dealer.
  8. todd92

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Don't forget X5 is RWD architecture, Edge is FWD. Makes a difference launching.
  9. todd92

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    It did not skip 2nd if manually shifting, and 2nd gear is so close to 3rd ratio wise it's useless. The workaround is a quick double tap to force a skip. Eliminating it is even better. Best would have been if Ford spaced the ratios correctly.
  10. todd92

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    It's the same transmission, except 2nd gear is programmed out. In theory a software update should be applicable to 19's and 20's.
  11. todd92

    Lugging in low gears

    How can it 'lug' in 1st gear?
  12. todd92

    Oil pressure & viscosity

    No it isn't. Red herring. Exactly.
  13. todd92

    Oil pressure & viscosity

    My tuned 2.7's get Mobil 1 0W-40. 5W-30 oil is too thin. My NA cars that specify 5W-20 get 5W-30. The reason for the thin oil is MPG and I don't see any decrease from using the slightly thicker oil.