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  1. Changing full synthetic every 3,000 miles is ridiculous. Even with 10,000 mile OCI the rest of the vehicle will fall apart long before the engine will wear out.
  2. todd92

    Turbo Bearing Noise

    I doubt whatever noise you are hearing is a turbo bearing.
  3. todd92

    Great Time To Buy

    2019, looking forward to seeing the 8 spd trans improves performance. Lots of new tech stuff too.
  4. We got tired of our Lincoln MKC and decided to get another Edge. Identical to the 1st Edge, Titianium, 301A, Cold Weather Package. Paid Invoice -$700 and got $7000 in rebates. So right at $10000 off MSRP. Got a decent trade in value too. It was impossible to say no.
  5. todd92

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    21 mm is the correct size.
  6. todd92

    2020 Ford Edge ST

    No interior changes.
  7. todd92

    Very sooty tailpipe in 2019 Titanium

    DI engines produce more soot.
  8. todd92

    2019 Ford Edge SEL

    Enjoy! I wish Ford would decouple the sunroof from all option packages. It was forced on us as part of an option package we wanted. While I'm tall, headroom is still fine. But we NEVER open it, just like we have NEVER opened it on any of the cars we have owned where there was no choice.
  9. todd92

    For the love of aircraft

    Favorite aircraft? Mine:
  10. todd92

    Ethanol Service

    First I've heard that ethanol cause ring deposits. If anything it would clean them.
  11. todd92

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    I would not worry about driving the car at all.
  12. todd92

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    The FSA shows that you are entitled to a loaner and reimbursement of some expenses in order to have the recall performed. If your vehicle was still subject to the recall, there would be a separate notation showing a recall due. If you are still in doubt, you can contact the service department at the dealer. Certified vehicles should have any outstanding recalls done prior to being offered for sale, however I guess it is possible for one to slip through the cracks. I would think even a non-certified used Ford, being sold at a Ford dealer, would have any outstanding recalls performed.
  13. todd92

    PTU Care

    Why would you change the PTU fluid and put the Ford fluid back in. The consensus is that heat is the enemy, so if you are servicing the PTU put 100% Ester oil in it. As for the RDU, it is exposed to zero heat. It will have none of the issues seen in PTU's.
  14. In direct injected engines, the fuel never touches the intake valves, so no cleaning can occur. As far as cost, Costco gas is Top Tier, and it is the cheapest gas available anywhere. I use it exclusively. So need to pay more for Top Tier.
  15. Top Tier gasoline, which has been a thing for over decade now, can do nothing for intake deposits in direct injected engines.