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  1. todd92

    ZFG 91 tune

    'conventional wisdom'??? LOL
  2. todd92

    ZFG 91 tune

    No additive can help keep the back of the intake valves clean in a direct injected engine.
  3. todd92

    Concentrated antifreeze/coolant - curious question

    They only replace what they drain. The system holds 11.7 quarts. Sounds about right that 8 quarts would have been drained (it's difficult to drain the engine block and heater core). So 4 quarts of concentrate and 4 quarts of water go back in. This is typically done once. The objective is to replenish the corrosion inhibitors, not to drain every drop of old out. Replacing 2/3 is fine. Some people go for a vacuum flush and fill, at a substantially higher cost. It appeals to some, but is not necessary. As for using distilled water, yes it is preferred, but not required. I am not sure what 'wrong' antifreeze they used, but I doubt a Ford dealer has any 'wrong' antifreeze on hand.
  4. todd92

    Concentrated antifreeze/coolant - curious question

    There is ample corrosion inhibitors in any antifreeze to prevent corrosion when diluted. Antifreeze does two things, it is a corrosion inhibitor and it raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point of the coolant. However, antifreeze is lousy at heat transfer, water is much better. Hence the 50/50 target mixture, which provides ample corrosion protection, raises the boiling point and lowers the freeze point more than enough and still provides efficient heat transfer. The water is not 'filler'.
  5. todd92

    How many Fords have you owned?

    2 houses, one is a farm, we fly back and forth. The Mustang is my daughters. The Edges are my wife's. The F-150's are mine. I also have a 2005 BMW 330i and a 2019 BMW 330iX. Those are still my favorites. Nothing drives like a 3 series.
  6. todd92

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1982 Escort SW 2010 Mustang GT 2015 Lincoln MKC 2015 F-150 * 2017 F-150 * 2018 Edge 2019 Edge * 2019 Mustang GT * 2020 Edge ST * * Still own
  7. No need to 'upgrade' to a $30 filter.
  8. todd92

    Steel wheels for snow tires

    Why not cheap aluminum wheels? Can be had for $100 or so each from Discount Tire or Tire Rack, will come with the snow tires mounted and balanced.
  9. todd92

    Dead Battery

    I'm still getting 6-8 years out of my car batteries. No consensus here on 2-3 years. I do put them on a desulphating charger a couple of times a year. 2005 BMW is on it's 3rd battery. 2015 F-150 and 2016 CX-5 both still OEM.
  10. todd92

    The Ford Edge has been discontinued

    Oakville plant was/is not closed due to Covid, my 2020 was built 2 weeks ago.
  11. Job 1 for the 2021 Edge has always been listed for Jan 25, 2021. So obviously no dealer has one yet. The 1st ones will start trickling into dealers in early Feb. It should be possible to order one by now, ask your dealer. We went for a 2020 as the incentives are big and the Tesla style screen was a non-starter for my wife.
  12. todd92

    Fuel and Water Separator

    That would have to be for a diesel variant in Europe. No gasoline engine vehicle has a fuel/water separator, but all diesel engine ones do.
  13. todd92

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    The leaking oil pan has nothing to do with your transmission woes. It's a known issue on the 2.7. My 2015 F-150 oil pan leaked and was fixed correctly on the 1st dealer visit and has never leaked since. The fix is totally dependent on the tech getting the mating surfaces 100% clean and oil free before resealing. I've read of other F-150 owners who've had the repair done unsuccessfully multiple times. The press in gasket on the later 2.7's eliminates the assembly line/service bay variability.
  14. todd92

    2020 Engine Temperature

    No, the engine is not air cooled, nor designed with air cooling as a consideration. Airflow around the engine will draw off minimal heat. Minimal, not zero. I never said zero.
  15. todd92

    2020 Engine Temperature

    Thermostat open means liquid flowing through the radiator which has an order of magnitude greater coefficient of heat transfer than shutter open air flowing through the engine compartment. Plus radiator is highly efficient at heat transfer, because that's what it is designed to do, while air flowing around parts of the engine block exterior would be highly inefficient.