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  1. todd92

    full synthetic to semi?

    There is no need for a catch can, they are a gimmick. Synthetic is more heat resistant and does not break down. It is not more resistant to carbon build-up. GF-6 oil is what you want to use. Does not matter synthetic or semi. 5000 miles is a short OCI and decent oil will work fine with such a short interval. If you are getting carbon it would be in the intake tract and on the backside of the intake valves, not 'on the turbos'.
  2. todd92

    full synthetic to semi?

    You heard wrong. All oils are compatible with each other. Also, if you are going to change your oil every 5000 miles, full synthetic is not necessary.
  3. todd92

    Hard shifts

    76,000 miles and transmission starting to act up? Change transmission fluid.
  4. todd92

    Mustang Parts for Sport?

    A tune does very little for NA engines nor will all the other stuff you're considering throwing at it.
  5. So the card with the code is not in the folder with the manual?
  6. How did you end up with a 2019 that's missing a key and the Owners Manual?
  7. There is a card in the Owners Manual pouch with the code.
  8. todd92

    Tire pressure - 21" rims

    If you switch tire sizes, you must calculate the new recommended pressure vs this door jamb sticker number according to this guide. As the load rating goes up, the required tire pressure goes down. Tire Inflation.pdf
  9. todd92


    I'm partial to the Detroit 6V71. THE CRACKERBOX
  10. todd92

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    No car needs a catch can.
  11. todd92

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Numerous posters saying they have the same/similar symptoms with 8F35 equipped Edge's. I was just saying mine has been flawless.
  12. todd92

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    6 months on 2019 Titanium, not one transmission issue.
  13. todd92

    Using nonethenol gas

    I've been using E10 in all of my watercraft (Wakeboarding boat, pontoon boat, 2x Waverunners) for over 10 years with absolutely zero issues. They are all fuel injected. I put Sta-Bil in the gas at every fill-up, which I would do even with E0. There is little E0 available anywhere around me and it's 50-70 cpg more expensive. I also use E10 in all of the small engines at my farm. Again, zero issues. I see no reason to use E0. Certainly not in a car.