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  1. todd92

    Front License Plate

    A few people on some internet forums think the front plate is ugly. Most people could care less.
  2. todd92

    Front License Plate

    I don't understand the obsession with front license plates or brackets. If the car has the bracket on it and you don't need a front plate, put a logo plate of some kind there. Circle back, I lived in Houston 1999-2005. TX requires front plates. I bought a 2001 BMW M3 new and the dealer asked if I wanted the front license plate, I said aren't they required and he said no one wants them on high end cars and the cops never pull you over. I say OK. A few months later, I'm going out to lunch with another guy from work, driving on Allen Parkway, and there in one of the turnouts is a HPD with another M3 pulled over. The cop is standing with the driver pointing at the front of the car. I say to my friend there is no way he pulled him over for that. Just then he looks up, sees my car and points to the side. I get a ticket and when I asked why not a warning he said I'm giving you a warning for not changing your address within 30 days (been like 40). Moral of the story: NEVER GIVE A COP ANY REASON TO PULL YOU OVER
  3. todd92

    Can you lift a 2017 Edge SE?

    Do it! Make sure the wheels stick way out! Would be so cool!
  4. todd92

    Front License Plate

    Many US States do not require a front license plate. Many US States also do not require annual safety or emission inspections. You can take your car wherever you want without getting 'booked'. It just has to comply with the laws in the state it is registered in.
  5. todd92

    Ford ST SUV experience

    We're going in 3 weeks to Asheville. So far only some group get together the night before is cancelled.
  6. todd92

    The Ford Edge has been discontinued

    The Edge has not been discontinued. Edge's (Nautilus's too, obviously) and F-150's are piling up outside of the factories because they are missing certain semiconductors. Once Ford gets and installs them, these vehicles will be shipped to dealers. So glad my wife vetoed the 2021 big screen, we got a tremendous deal on the 2020 ST, got it without the 401A package (there is no Cold Weather Package for 2021, so to get the heated steering wheel the 2021 forces 401A on you and we hate sunroofs). Not to mention we still would not have a car and we've been driving the 2020 for almost 4 months now.
  7. The semiconductor shortage is very real. That article is poorly written and tough to read.
  8. todd92

    European rear fog lights

    Plenty of Audi drivers driving around with the damned things on constantly too.
  9. todd92

    Staggered Tire

    The recommended wheel width for 295/35-19 is 10-11.5", so a 9" width wheel is on the narrow side. In my experience anyone who uses the term 'stance' regarding a vehicle does not care how it handles or rides....so it will work fine.
  10. todd92

    Staggered Tire

    It's not going to hurt anything. It's solely for appearance. There is no performance reason to stagger tires on a FWD biased AWD vehicle with a large front weight bias. To each his own.
  11. todd92

    Best GTDI oil to use and when to change?

    Any oil that meets ILSAC GF-6 is the 'best' oil for a DI engine. Change it when the IOLM tells you to, more often if you don't understand synthetic oil.
  12. todd92

    Cold Air intake for 2020 Edge ST??????

    Auto manufacturers can't make this type of intake stock because of noise.
  13. todd92

    Cold Air intake for 2020 Edge ST??????

    The stock intake is a CAI. I do not understand why people call aftermarket intakes CAI's. More correctly called low restriction intakes. Done right they definitely add power at higher RPM's and throttle response and faster turbo spool up at lower RPM's aFe knows how to make good intakes, I've had 2. This one looks good.
  14. todd92

    Tire Chains

    The Edge is FWD biased so I guess front if just one.
  15. todd92

    Tire Chains

    Both or neither. Just one will mess up the AWD.