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  1. todd92

    New edge owner/DSM guy

    What's a DSM?
  2. Never used a torque wrench for a drain plug or an oil filter. Crush washers are reusable.
  3. todd92

    Motorcraft SP-542 plug superseded by SP-578?

    Autolite XP5362. Motorcraft=Autolite. This is for the 2.7. XP5863 for the 2.0. XP5363 for the 3.5.
  4. I don't hate it, it's an improvement over the dated center console. I would have liked it if they kept HVAC controls as dials and buttons, too. Media can be controlled from the steering wheel.
  5. todd92

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Nothing I know of besides the water pump. It's a great motor, I have an F-150 with the same motor (but external water pump on the F-150), and it hauls the truck around fine. I would think it has plenty of power in the Edge. I have 4 Fords with the 6 speed transmission and I don't notice sloppy shifting. You didn't mention how many miles are on the Edge, maybe its time for a transmission fluid change? I would just drive your Edge and enjoy it. Edit: Nevermind, just saw your off road thread, can't tell if you're even serious, in any case, you do you.
  6. I didn't say copying was bad. Volvo had the big portrait screen first. Volvo definitely did not do it better, their system is widely criticized for being laggy. Ford Sync is one of the better systems out there.
  7. todd92

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    Intake and exhaust will do nothing but make more noise. There really isn't anything you can do with a NA engine without spending a ton of money. As for reliability, the 2.0 EcoBoost has proven to be very reliable, the internal water pump on the 3.5 NA, not so much.
  8. todd92

    Ford My-Touch Nav Maps: A8 Upgrade

    A11 is $30 on ebay. Why buy a 3 year old nav card?
  9. Redline has an error for the 2019 Edge only, they are still specifying 75W140 GL5 Gear Oil. Redline specifies 75W85 GL5 Gear Oil for the 2020 Edge, and this should be the recommendation for the 2019 Edge also, as this is the year the PTU was changed. To be clear: 2015-2018 Edge 75W-140 GL5 2019-2020 Edge 75W-85 GL5 I'll just leave this comment from Redline on the the use of their ShockProof Oils: "Red Line ShockProof™ is designed for use in competition differentials and transmissions."
  10. Why would I call Redline? Do you think they will say "ignore what we recommend, and use this instead'? He has no idea how to interpret oil analysis results.
  11. todd92

    top down oil change

    The flow from the large yellow plastic drain plug can be managed easily by removing it slowly. Yank it out quickly and suffer the oil shower.
  12. Redline recommends 75W-140 GL5 Gear Oil for the PTU, NOT Lightweight Shockproof. I ignore his videos.
  13. todd92

    top down oil change

    Oil filler? If possible, it would be through the dipstick, not the oil filler. If you can get all of the oil out through the dipstick, it works. If you can't it doesn't. I think I read it is not possible on the 2.7 in my 2015 F-150, no idea if that translates across platforms.
  14. todd92

    Coolant flush 2019 Ford Edge 2.0 Ecoboost

    The orange is NOT corrosive. Ford does NOT recommend replacing the orange with yellow early. The yellow has double the service life of the the orange, which is why the orange was replaced with the yellow. There is NO need to run out and flush the orange out of the vehicle. Yellow/Orange Coolant Backwards Compatibility