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2011 Edge LTD - Overheating, dead battery, AC runs hot


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I seem to have a cascading set of problems that point to problems on the radiator fan or supporting system side.



In the past week, these have happened.


1. Left HID headlight stopped working

2. Battery no longer starts car, replaced

3. Overtemperature alarm goes off after slow drive in 90 degree heat.

4. When at normal operating temperature, both radiator fans off, AC still hot.

5. Fan belt still attached.



Only real modification I've made was to change the turn signals to LED along with shunt resistor installation, which was over 5 years ago.


What would be the prevailing wisdom about the problem? (Bad fans, bad belt drive, cooling module, blown fuse, etc)


These seem to have some up when it finally got warm here. I am in severe need of fluid replacements, which I will have done when i take this in for the problems above.

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Edge is notorious for fan failures. With the engine idling turn on Max A/C and make sure both fans are running. If not replace them with OEM parts. The controller is included with the fan assembly. The aftermarket fans typically don’t work right.


As for the Headlamp - check the fuses.

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