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Spark Plugs


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My sister's 09 set a code last week for a #3 misfire (front of the engine) so I tossed in an NGK plug I picked up locally to get her going. The original misfiring plug was gapped over .09. I ordered a set of Motorcraft plugs, Motorcraft coil boots, Motorcraft PCV valve, and Felpro intake plenum gaskets and changed them Saturday. These plugs are supposedly pregapped but they were inconsistent. Half of them needed to be tweaked.


All the rest of the remaining original plugs were in the same shape with over .085 and up gap measured. At 90K miles, these plugs were probably at least 20K beyond their expiration. And just like the old Escapes, a misfire will damage the coil drivers in the PCM and require replacement or rebuild of the PCM, so it's prudent to replace the plugs *before* they misfire.


The total job took about 90 minutes and required no special tools. Just a basic socket set, a channel lock pliers to squeeze a hose clamp that held a hose onto the plenum, and a "cats claw" tool to help pop out the wire looms.


It may seem daunting at first but removing the upper intake plenum is very easy. Just remember to stuff rags into the intake runners after the plenum is removed lest you drop something down the intake and into the engine (that's bad folks.) There is information both on the web and on this site from other members for the procedure so I won't describe it except to say it's an easy job. Don't be afraid to change the plugs yourself, and make sure you do BEFORE you get a misfire and damage your PCM.



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