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Where does the 16 edge sony system have its DSP stuff come from?

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So do to a rattle in my roof two years ago the dealer (this dealer was horrific and I eventually had to go to another one) took my roof apart to look at some stuff and I won't bore you with the details about it but basically after they had touched my car the sub lvls of the car were all screwed up and they thought nothing was wrong. So my issue now is the perhaps the AMP/DSP in the back of my car is messed up as as far as I can tell as if the crossover of the stock unit is now in the 100's for the sub and the lowest gain setting on the sync 3 audio menu for bass is basically worthless and before the dealer had my car it lived in the middle of the bar (lowest was not punchy at all to off in gain), now even off it thumps like crazy. I now have tools to pop off the plastics and look at things but I was wondering first if I could get some knowledge of what might cause this and if a master reset of the Sync 3 system will touch the audio crossover lvls internally or not.





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Can that happen I think it uses a one way clip? One thing I was gonna do was take it out of its box and remove that foam block in there and put polyfill I have for other speaker projects for home theater. Its more like its gain is stuck at like -10 then goes up from there on the slider.

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