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Canadian market model differences?

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In my search for a used Ford Edge Sport I have noticed quite a few US dealers close to Canada have Canadian market models they are selling in the states and I am wondering beyond the DRL always being on and the engine block heater option if there are any other differences compared to a US market model?

The window stickers for the Canadian market are quite different than US and there seems to be standard options missing but I am not sure if those things are actually missing on the vehicle or if they just weren't included on the window sticker for some reason.

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When I was shopping for my edge I noticed that the window stickers were different as well.  Some of the packages have different names. But IIRC if the option wasn't listed that meant the vehicle did not have it.  Unlike the ST the Canadian Sports share all of the same features/ options.


Good Luck with your search.  I recently have seen some 16's go for the mid 20's depending on options/ mileage!

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I definitely noticed the differences in optional packages, but what I am seeing is differences on the window stickers for even standard options.

For example, I attached a cropped Canadian sticker and USA sticker showing standard options for the same year Edge Sport and I don't see things like Active Grille Shutters, Beltline Molding, Liftgate - Hand-Free and a bunch of other missing options on the Canadian one.



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