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    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Congrats and Welcome to the forum!
  2. This idea was inspired by @jmr061 post. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/22024-north-american-2016-ford-edge-sport-instrument-cluster-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-165447 I reached out to JMR061 and he said that he was only doing the explorer swaps and that it too way to long to source the lens mask. iI asked if the lens/ mask could be modded and he said no. Which is understandable the lens mask could be modded to fit but it would take some serious fiber glass or or substrate skills To fabricate/ attach the mounting points for the top of the lens mask and for the curved sections Or if someone was so inclined to have a new lens/ mask created via 3D printing or other wizardry. I decided to put it on the back burner of the mod list as it seemed beyond reach for a time. The flames of passion for the Digital IPC has enflamed anew by this post by @DaMiFo https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/27048-2019-st-instrument-panel-update-to-2020-st/?tab=comments#comment-201541 Special shout to DaMifo, for introducing the concept of swapping the the Lincoln MKX cluster into a ford edge. Special shout to @TXFRDOwner for sourcing the lens/ mask required to fit the Lincoln MKX cluster. Special shout to DanMC85 (contact@Sync3programming.com) for answering all of my questions and programing my cluster for me. Notes: All the info that DaMifo has posted is accurate. The 2G forum post is a wealth of information regarding the cluster swap. Most people that have done it say that it can be done within a half an hour. This is my first cluster swap on my edge and I got it done within 45 minutes. The extra 15 minutes was due to finding a torx head socket and finding light. If you do not have a well lit garage that you can work in, it is easily to accomplish in your drive way. I decided to test the 30 min window by doing it just after the sun started to set. and It threatened to rain. The day after was 90 degrees and clear. Whats the fun if there is no challenge. Actually this has been more than a month worth of text and emails between Dan and TXFRDOwner coordinating the swap. Once I received it I knew it was going to go in that day. I had to run around looking for my LED light to complete the work. I also decided it is ripe time for a bathroom break and beer break. I also had to figure out how to swap masks. Nothing really to figure out when you have all of the pieces at hand. There are two torx screws and 7 clips. We all wish we could have more than two hands and, or be in multiple places at once. I ran out of flat heads that were thin enough to remove the clips. Good thing I decided to do this in my kitchen because my steak knives were put to good use! I needed to prop them up all at once to separate the cluster from the lens. Needless to say my lady was not thrilled. She decided to take her global steak knife set home. But I digress. Any changes that were previously enabled via forscan will need to be programmed by Dan prior to receiving your cluster. Alternatively you can reprogram them yourself. This is potentially one of your favorite/visual mods to do. You see it all time. The digital dash displays so much information, it really is worth having. Thanks once again to Jmr061, DaMifo and TXFRDOwner And DanMC85! Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) RI.pdf
  3. onyxbfly

    Sync 3 Screen Modification

    Reach out to @jmr061 tell him the screen you have and 9/10 times he may have the bracket for it.
  4. You have 1 of 3 solutions: 1) You can buy a replacement APIM 2) You can do a SYNC 3 upgrade 3) You can do an aftermarket head unit replacement. Personally I would not be interested in option 1. Options 2 and 3 are around the same price. It just depends on which direction you want to go.
  5. Glad to hear that the dealership took care of you!
  6. Dare I ask what the dealer diagnosed and, or what their suggested resolution would be? Even if they found a brand new one to replace it with, the part and labor (all of 10 minutes) should not be $5K
  7. onyxbfly

    Help finding side window deflectors

    Looks similar to the AVS low profile window vent....just even lower and flows better from the lines on the mirror mount. Pretty sharp! Do share if you do get some info!
  8. Unfortunately people have been having issues since 2015 when the new gen/ body style came out. They do have vents in them. One of the main reasons the rear was redesigned is more than likely attributed to Ford's attempt to mitigate the expense of replacing the center light bar opposed to just having to replace the left and right sides. I'm not aware of any taillight differences between the models in the new refresh from 2019+
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    Just got a EDGE and I'm just joined

    Welcome to the forum! Nice murdered out edge!
  10. onyxbfly

    Ford's SYNC 3

    You got it!
  11. I can see how that can happen. That's a great question. If it can be accessed it would be great if it can be enabled to be displayed.
  12. Say What? I have a 2017 sport as well. Never saw a PTU sensor indication. Then again I try to stay on top of my fluids so it may have never been triggered.
  13. onyxbfly

    Greetings from Toronto, Ontario

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. onyxbfly

    Ford's SYNC 3

    Here is a cheaper yet albeit better alternative unless you prefer to go stock/ oem. If you prefer to go with SYNC 3 here is a website where you will find all the info necessary: http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=3881 Good Luck!
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    New Member

    Hello from Philadelphia, welcome to the forum!
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    2019 Edge ST Temporary/Compact Spare Tire

    IIRC your emergency spare is 18" I may be mistaken and it could be 19" Your spare comes out 21" including the rubber. I don't have access to my sport at the moment or I would go check. Either way the spare from the sport is an acceptable alternative to the mobility/inflation spare kit. The OP has an ST with the performance brake package and he inquired about the spare tire. It was suggested that a regular spare will not clear the brakes. The only difference between our brakes and the ST performance brakes are the "special compound pads" The rotors and calipers are the same albeit the calipers are painted red. If the Op wants a regular spare instead of the emergency inflation kit then he can get a spare from a edge sport.
  17. onyxbfly

    2019 Edge ST Temporary/Compact Spare Tire

    If the lack of a conventional spare tire concerns you, go to a junk yard and get a 18" spare from any 15-18 edge sport. The the 345mm rotors are the same between the ST and the Sport.
  18. onyxbfly

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum! What trim is your 15?
  19. onyxbfly

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    HPTuner is the physical interface to your car that the tuners use the HPTuner software to tune/ calibrate your edge with. Another benefit of HPTuners is that you can use it with multiple vehicles. You would just need to buy the corresponding credits to go with it. Any tuner that is not Livernois can give you a proper introduction/ explanation. A lower thermostat will help your engine to run cooler. Running cooler will help to mitigate lag. The majority of people who run a tune will go with a lower thermostat at some point.
  20. onyxbfly

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    It depends on who's tuning your vehicle. Livernois uses their proprietary device. Warning you will go through hoops trying to sell it to someone else if and when you out grow it. Also keep in mind that LMS will only offer you off the shelf tunes. Unless you go to them to have it dyno tuned. Unleashed used SCT and HPTuners. I would suggest Unleashed or ZFG or BCB in conjunction with HPTuners as a interface. All you need to do is buy a tune from a new tuner when you want to try a new flavor.
  21. onyxbfly

    Honeycomb Grille?

    Good $h!T Nick! Thanks for the heads up!
  22. onyxbfly

    How do I add fuel injector cleaner??

    Holy Necrobump!