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2015 with Class 2 Towing Capacity

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We just bought a 2015 Titanium with a Class II Tow package already on it.  We were told the engine was 2.0 V4 ecoboost, but hubby is sure it is 3.5 V6.  (This was the first time I had to buy a vehicle as my husband had a stroke 2 years ago and so many things went wrong and it was so stressful!) We were not even given the Carfax report until all was signed and that is where I saw the engine capacity.  Anyway, we were looking for one with the tow package as we want to pull a small travel trailer (not bought yet) to go on short trips with our 2 kids at home as his health continues to improve.  BUT, I know all Ford stuff says that 3500# is max towing capacity.  How do you figure out the weight though?  Also, is this what real people are towing with their Edge with this engine?  


A trailer we saw yesterday said "Total Dry Weight 3415 lbs."  But below that it said "Hitch Weight 420 lbs."  And below that, " CCC 1005 lbs."  What the heck does all that even mean?  


Sorry for my ignorance, I am on a steep learning curve with cars, trailers, etc!

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The Carfax should provide your engine and some other information.  To determine 'all' of the equipment your Edge came with from the factory you can pay a couple of dollars to get the original window sticker.  Here's a link:  https://removeandreplace.com/2013/03/24/find-your-cars-window-sticker-online/

There are also links from Ford's web page like Etis: https://www.etis.ford.com  where you can gather vehicle information but the site can be very confusing.

The 'maximum' the Edge is rated to tow with a factory installed towing package is 3500 pounds, the hitch weight would be 350 pounds.  Anything beyond that will exceed the Class 2 hitch capabilities. 

The trailer you shopped with a 3415 pound dry weight will easily exceed 3500 pounds when you fill your fresh water tank and load it with food, clothing, pots & pans and all the other 'stuff' that goes with traveling.  Not mentioned in tow standards is the frontal area of the trailer.  Be sure when shopping you minimize that area by using the type travel trailer with a roof that can be lowered like a classic tent trailer (though there are much fancier types these days). 

Enjoy the hunt!


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