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Misfire After Harmonic Balancer Replaced

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On my 2012 Ford Edge, 2.0L Ecoboost I recently had to replace the harmonic balancer.  After having to search for 2 weeks I found the part and replaced the balancer.  The balancer is keyless, I followed the ford TCM procedure, using the necessary tools to stop the crank, lock the cam, and when complete re-align the timing sensor.  When I was finished, the CEL was flashing and I could feel a slight misfire.  I took to a local mechanic to have them perform the "Misfire Monitor Neutral Correction".  They told me they did the procedure, I can only take their word that they did the right one.  However, the car is still throwing misfire codes.


Any thoughts?


My first inclination is to rotate to TDC and re-do the crank sensor alignment.  

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