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Remote Start - Security system install required?

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I want to install a remote starter on my '13 Limited, but I wasn't sure whether the bi-directional remote starter needs the Ford Perimeter Plus system that's listed on the site (or either of the listed security systems, for that matter). Would I be able to just get the remote start system? I don't mind going to the dealership and having them put it in, but I don't really care about Perimeter Plus.


Though my Edge has a standard key, does the Bi-Directional system require keyless entry to function? Or would I need to go with the plug n play version?

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You can have the built in remote start enabled (hood pin switch required if not already there) and get a new remote start IKT (key w/fob) that has remote start on it.

This is the "Factory" remote start it would have come with, if it would have come from the factory with it.


Or if you want better range then you can go with the long range kits which do require the security module.





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