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Roof leaking thru some light

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Ok so my roof leaks when it rains heavily. I do not have a sunroof. It comes thru the dome light fixture and leaks when I turn my vehicle. 

Upon researching I have found several other complaints of this very thing!! 

So my question is, why is there not a recall on this??? It could possibly damage alot! What does anyone suggest?

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There will never be a recall (reserved for life threatening safety issues) for a leaking roof but there 'might' be a TSB for it.  Have you checked?
You didn't provide the year/model of your Edge so nobody else can check for you.  Visit the NHTSA site (below) click on 'Vehicle" then enter your year/make/model.  You'll see a list of recalls, complaints and Manufacturer Communications.   Click on that last item to bring up a list of systems.  You'll probably want to look through the items under 'Structure.'  

Edit to add: Be sure to check gaskets for any roof mounted antennas.  If yours is a Gen1 Edge there's a chance that gasket has broken down and is allowing water into the cabin area.  Water can travel quite a bit before finding an exit (dome light) so if you're sure it isn't a gasket use a hose to look for the leak.  Start low on the car and work your way up.


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