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Rob R

Timing chain help

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Anyone ever do the 3.5 timing chain. . I have a question. I have everything apart and have the cam holding tools on. Does the engine have to be tdc on the compression stroke or after I put the cam holders on its where it needs to be?  I don't want to put everything back together and be 180 off.

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The Camshaft Holding Tool will hold the camshafts in the Top Dead Center (TDC) position.

Line up the timing marks on the old chains with the phasers/intake ones if TiVCT, then put the cam tools in place, then commence work.  Very important to follow this sequence.

Similarly, make sure the marks on the new chains line up with those on the phasers, and make sure to seal the main cover/timing cover properly. 

Also replace the guides, tensioners, water pump, and solenoids for a long lasting fix.

Early Gen 1's also had a problem with the phasers wearing down, so you would want to replace those as well in that case.

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