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Right-turn blinker sped up; left-turn is normal


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Hey guys, something odd happened here. I have a 2010 Ford Edge Sport. At some point yesterday, the right turn signal suddenly started blinking at double-speed, while the left turn signal blinks at the normal speed. This persists despite having turned the car off and on several times between yesterday and today. Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix?

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14 hours ago, Perblue said:


Haha no problem. A surprising amount of people don't know about it.


Yeah, this was news to me, but I like it now that I know about it. As it turns out, the rear right bulb was blown, and since it doubles as the brake light, that was a ticket waiting to happen! Easy fix at the auto parts store, did it in the parking lot after buying the bulbs (replaced both sides while I was at it). I keep a driver and socket/bit set in the back for just such an emergency.

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