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  1. The 301A does come with heated steering wheel. To turn it on and off in the climate settings. It will also auto turn on with command start when it's cold. If you update or get the dealer to update it to sync version 3.4 it adds a more convenient button to the home screen.
  2. Perblue

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    If you join the Ford Edge ST - Got Boost? group there is a mixed list of ST and sport times under announcements. Quickest one listed is 13.47. I'm sure there's quicker, hope I'm quicker considering I have a little more done than him, but I didn't get to run it before everything shut down for the season.
  3. Sorry I don't have access to them on weekends. Basically really damn tight and then check them in a few hundred miles for piece of mind.
  4. Perblue

    2017 Edge 3.5L V6 Getting 34 MPG

    That makes sense! 😄
  5. Old post bud, but just to inform you, lots of 2019s needed to have a flash done to enable them. It took about 6-8 months after the 2019 being released for the update to become available, it had nothing to do with instrument settings.
  6. You're welcome. My dealership still looks at me cross eyed and confused with uncertainty when I tell them there is an update and need it done after 2 years.
  7. That was answered in my first response to to the OP's very first post.
  8. Yes they are no different than any other rim you'd buy for the purpose, unless you really wanted to go steel.
  9. My winter tires and rims cost the same as a set of new 21" tires. So other than storing a 2nd set of wheels and seasonal change over there are no cons.
  10. Yes 2015 and up will work. You can actually go as small as some 18's, 20's fit easy from those years.
  11. I had a supposed ford engineer say it was impossible to happen.....yet it seems better since i did all my fluids including trans, which took more than drained. 😁 Yes car should be level. Poster needs a jack and stands.
  12. Perblue

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Other than the color scheme I've got no complaints and noticed numerous hands free and sirius radio improvements. I can't stand ads and most driving around is 5 -10 minutes so get annoyed with starting streaming services so yes i pay the 70 bucks a year.
  13. potentially because a single problem can have multiple solutions. It fixes it for most, just book it in and get it done already.
  14. Totally different, it can only be done at the dealer. Just tell them it's shifting harsh but heard there was a tsb update to potentially fix the issue and you would like to have it done. You can do the sync update though yourself.
  15. Go get the latest tsb transmission update if you haven't done it since i june or july, it fixes this and other things.
  16. Perblue

    Real snow usage

    Ya don't do that with the edge, it's smarter than that.
  17. Perblue

    Real snow usage

    AWD only helps get you moving and helps plow through snow a certain amount. If your roads get icy then yes buy winter tires and rims. Otherwise you might find it ok on all-seasons or better yet all-weather. No matter what though you can't beat a good winter grip in winter.
  18. You can do anything all it takes is money, google Nissan juke-r. You will likely find it cheaper, easier and less frustrating to trade it in on a 15+, however if you don't care about that pick a path and have fun. Alot think we are fools to mod an edge at all. Also post your progress because it likely hasn't been done before and you would want bigger than a v6 turbo i'm betting for a rear mount.
  19. Perblue

    Lowering kit

    Well I guess we'll see how the B6's handle the h&r springs, since I think everyone I've seen installing a set is on lowered springs.
  20. Perblue

    Driver inhibits bypass?

    No idea if it exists or not but sounds about as good of an idea as texting while driving.
  21. Perblue

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    Mine is set the same but I do miss the black out prior to the update, but I can forgive it for the better layout and responsiveness.
  22. Ummm The taurus sho is a twin turbo eco boost. No it is not possible without extreme modification and taking the turbos off is not a good plan either since the engine is designed around them. Most you could do is maybe a 3.0L eco but being as you have a 2014 I'm thinking that would have it's own challenges.
  23. Perblue

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Because some people might only drive 50-100 in 7 days. You need a fair amount of active driving for it to learn.
  24. Perblue

    2017 Edge 3.5L V6 Getting 34 MPG

    The egr valve is no where near the tank.
  25. Perblue

    2017 Edge 3.5L V6 Getting 34 MPG

    If that's what is, it's not often you gain mileage with a problem. Will be interesting to hear what it is and if it dips down. Unless you want to leave it to keep the mileage haha, but I'm sure it would cause other issues down the road.