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  1. Use the same as you would hand washing your car with lots of soap and cloths.
  2. Perblue

    P0012, p0014, p0420

    Maybe from the increased load from the AC, otherwise they should only be a coincidence. Check your oil level, low can affect vvt also if you are losing oil into the exhaust it can throw a p0420 code, and coolant level, possible infamous head gasket issue. If it's good, then likely vvt solenoid or timing issue. Slim chance it's spark plugs also.
  3. Perblue

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    You mean your 2010? Then yes. If it is a 2020 then it has a 2.0l or 2.7l.
  4. Perblue

    Intercooler (IC) swap on my 2020 ST ?

    I haven't had any issues myself, including getting a turbo fixed on warranty next month.
  5. Perblue

    Seeking Help with 2013 Edge Electrical Problem

    Did you clean up the ground? A green ground is a bad ground. You may have to test your voltages at the sensors and start moving harness around and see if there is a spot that makes it fluctuate. You're welcome.
  6. Perblue

    Seeking Help with 2013 Edge Electrical Problem

    Normally a sensor reading too high of voltage means there is a bad ground, it could be a bare wire that's ended up chafed leading from the sensor or one of the main grounds on the car. Yours is likely doing it intermittently from the vibrations of driving around. They are a pita to track but sounds like you need to make sure the main grounds are not corroded or frayed and then follow the grounds for the associated sensors down the harness looking for anything that looks even the slightest suspicious. I once found one right at the base of a connector for a maf sensor, first time I looked at it I thought it was good, the next time I looked at it I finally seen the only 2 strands in the wire were actually still connected. Redid the wire, high voltage went away.
  7. Perblue

    Reading owners manual would have saved me $$$$$

    My mistake was thinking it was 60k miles or 3 years, but being a 2020 it still could have been under 3/36k.
  8. Perblue

    Reading owners manual would have saved me $$$$$

    You have over 60k miles on it? It was built before december 2019, I know some are? Otherwise pretty safe to figure you'd have some factory warranty on it.
  9. Perblue

    Reading owners manual would have saved me $$$$$

    Using your warranty would have saved you money and possibly time also.
  10. @WWWPerfA_ZN0W Unfortunately mine has a build date of nov 2018 so even if I brought this up to them they would probably out right ignore it since mine is outside the build dates listed. LOL it definitely is, now we are back home it's much better with the 10 hour drive back done. Was just waiting to hear rod knock the entire way back though from a spun bearing, but it didn't though. I may drain the oil to see how it looks out of the pan to see if there is anything in it or not before it gets to the dealership.
  11. Topped up fluids for a 10 hour road trip to manitoba, unbeknownst to me during that drive I blew 4 liters of oil out the tail pipe. Threw codes for emissions inefficiency during the drive, other wise things seemed fine, slight of a short stutter with an hour left of driving then smoothed out, figured it was maybe some water in the tank due to our recent cold temps. Filled up at destination, added gas line antifreeze to it. Hit 120kph and Edge killed power and and oil light came on. Checked oil and none on dipstick, took 4 liters to top it up, not sure how it managed to run or why it didn't make a heck of a racket while running. Drove it back home after the holiday, only lost a liter on the way home, checked it regularly during the drive. The vehicle goes into ford to be looked at on the 13th, sounds like turbos will be replaced but not engine, however they do have to inspect it first. Planning to drive it until drivetain warranty is done in a year or motor blows up(new motor from ford if this happens), then will be joining the 3.0L club. Found one from a 2019 mkz for 2200 CAD shipped with 4100 kms on it. Needless to say it was a stressful holiday.
  12. Perblue

    Ford edge st rear differential clunk

    This is pretty standard with extended warranties unless you paid for a 0 deductible, which isn't always an option depending on milage. Either you pay the deductible if the problem is covered under the warranty, none wear and tear items, and it starts the claim or you end up paying the diag fee if it is wear and tear items not covered by the warranty. I'm sure they were just making sure you were aware that it isn't totally free no matter what. Granted I have been looked at like that too since I bought my 2019, but I'm giving your dealership the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Perblue

    2019+ PTU Wear is Different

    I changed my RDU fluid at 5000 kms and came out silver and still has flakes in it at 60,000, I'll be changing it again soon. Ford claimed it's from the housing. I'm just happy I did the first one early, can't see that much flake being good in there long term.
  14. Not overly, a few miles at least per trip. If the distance covered was the issue it would have problems in weeks, maybe a few months, not over a year. Also the battery would then still take a charge from a charger instead of not charging at all.
  15. Perblue

    Check Charging System alert 2013 3.5L

    It's possible your alternator is wearing out and occasionally putting out less. You may also have a bad or loose ground somewhere intermittently not making enough contact.