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  1. That sounds about right to me.
  2. Perblue

    Struts and shock upgrade 2021 ST

    I'm going to go with no considering the fusion and edge are drastically different part numbers, don't look alike and going by photos looks significantly shorter. The fusion sits considerably lower in many ways, even compared to a lowered edge, so this doesn't surprise me. Bilstein B6 Performance Series Shocks and Struts 2019 FORD FUSION Parts & Accessories | Summit Racing Bilstein B6 Performance Series Shocks and Struts 2019 FORD EDGE Parts & Accessories | Summit Racing
  3. Perblue

    Upside Down Backup Camera

    Mine did this. Dealer replaced the camera to fix it. No idea on why it happened though.
  4. Perblue

    2022 Edge timetable

    Nope, took me over a month when I ordered my 19 and that was without a chip and electrical component shortage.
  5. Perblue

    Ford Active Noise Control

    I hear a noise too but it's the fans. Especially the cooled seats, the sound comes from the seat so it's not ANC.
  6. If your headlights shift left to right on startup or vice versa you've got them and don't worry about it. if they don' then hard to say why they aren't there, they could be missed or manufacturers are ending up having to delete features due to the chip shortage.
  7. Perblue

    Cadillac to Ford

    The 3.7L in the sport is actually just a slightly bored out 3.5L. If it was turbo charged.....šŸ¤¤
  8. Yes, the ac condenser is in front of the rad and likely broken.
  9. Perblue

    Help with Valuing an Edge

    You sure it's broken and not just needing the channels in the roof blown out with an air compressor and lubed with some dry graphite spray lubricant? Can't help with price other than have you checked what they go for in your state and surrounding on the used car sites? it would give you an idea of value for your area.
  10. I wouldn't say it's impossible then. I find my gauge relatively accurate when I manually calculate it out. Some find it's out a couple mpg too high. At any rate it's very likely you got around that.
  11. Perblue


    I doubt it's the cat......unless it's missing or someone stole it. It could be any of these things. Damaged muffler or leaks in the muffler. Damaged exhaust manifold or leaks in the exhaust manifold. Damaged exhaust pipe or exhaust pipe leaks. A misfire in the engine. Oil contamination in catalytic converter. Faulty catalytic converter (most common). Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor. Faulty front oxygen sensor. Faulty rear oxygen sensor. Damaged oxygen sensor wiring. Oxygen sensor wiring that is not properly connected. Damaged oxygen sensor connectors A leaking fuel injector. High fuel pressure. Use of the wrong kind of fuel (using leaded fuel instead of unleaded fuel)
  12. 4cyl or 6? Doing that speed in my ST I have had it as high as 34mpg Imp. I could see it with the 4cyl or with a good tail wind.
  13. You staring at the screen for an extended period of time, distracted, trying to type in an address that could be who knows how long, while driving is safe? Let me guess you text while driving too. Also reading the guesses in autofill is distracting too. Maybe some have allowed you to do it but people have funny ideas of what is safe while driving like applying makeup or reading a book or peeling an orange it doesn't mean it's safe.
  14. Perblue

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    I hope I'm proven wrong but I don't think the extractor will help much. You would be better off removing the active shutters and figuring out how to hook up a small front mount cooler for it. The ptu holds a whopping 500ml of fluid, this takes no time to heat up. Ford rated it for towing but unfortunately I don't think they imagined towing a large grade while passing. Hate to say this too but sounds like you should have bought a full size suv or a truck. Just my opinion.
  15. Perblue

    2020 Ford Edge ST rim options......

    You get hub centering rings that fill the gap, any shop can order them or likely have them in stock. Most seem to prefer a 38-42mm offset because it makes the wheels more flush with the fenders, especially when lowered.