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  1. Perblue

    Start Stop Disable

    Wow some people. Yep totally bad idea to not have a car idling when it doesn't need to be and keep some money in your pocket.
  2. The door unlocks when you pull the door handle to open the door, there's no need for it to unlock when put into park and is done that way for safety. It's great if you have kids but I haven't had to use it yet so can't help you there. The brake booster sounds like bad luck since they aren't a common problem, unless the replacement part wasn't a ford part then you are misplacing some of you frustration.
  3. Perblue

    Start Stop Disable

    Agreed. I don't even notice it anymore.
  4. Perblue

    Car won't accelerate when pressing the gas

    If someone revs it, it you are able to, do you feel much increased exhaust out the tail pipe? Could be a cat or cats are plugged up.
  5. Perblue

    Dyno Run, 2-7-2020

    These things don't seem to gain much peak with a tune. You gain more in the upper rpm range than you do over peak. What gear were you in? Seems like everyone does 4th when it should be 5th or if it would allow it 6th(the 1:1 gear).
  6. Perblue

    Ford Edge 2.7 ecoboost oil pan leak

    It should get replaced with the new one that takes a gasket so you should be ok after.
  7. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    haha sorry. It can be. Does it smell sweet at all?
  8. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    Ford kills the horsepower when running lower octane but torque stays around the same, seen dyno charts for the 2.7L where they tested it. The rated hp claimed by ford is using 93 octane, you can use less because the computer will compensate for the knock and such, it doesn't mean that 87 is good for it. I plan on keeping this for a while so prefer to keep that to a minimum. This is normal due to the turbo system. It dissipates over time, the more often it is worked hard the faster it goes away. Granted it took 5000 to 8000 miles, can't remember exactly where I quit smelling it. I mostly noticed it outside the vehicle though, wasn't often it came through the vents.
  9. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    Haha after conversion I pay about that for 91, I'd willingly pay that for 93.
  10. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    Ours only has 91, the husky used to have 93 but stopped for some reason.
  11. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    Unfortunately e-anything isn't easy to come by in canada so I'm stuck at 91 octane, unless I ran it just for a track day. It's just common that non-e85 certified vehicles run out of pump or the seals in the pump end up dried out and cracked since it's not designed for it. Now maybe our pumps are rated for it and we just lack the sensor and tune, but have it in the budget just in case.
  12. Perblue

    E85 ? Yes please!

    You'll probably need a new fuel pump too.
  13. Perblue

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    The latest update was released June 2nd. I've had it for a week and so far no complaints.
  14. Perblue

    2015 titanium power lift gate release latch?

    Then I guess you'll have to take it in. Every google search result I see explains doing it that way, power or not.