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  1. what's the code? if there is a lit cel there is a code.
  2. Perblue

    Couple FMIC questions before I pull the trigger.

    I did have some. The intercooler sits about an inch lower than the lower rad support. To fix this I had to remove one bolt on each of the hot and cold side pipe that keeps them attacked to the rad, cut off the bolt tabs that stick out the front of the lower rad support(has to be done no matter what), dremeled out the mounting holes in the mounting tabs on the intercooler to make an upside-down U shape(would help if they lowered the tab or a larger one with 2 holes), had a friend help push it up and bolt it in with washers on the bolts. By doing this it will sit a little higher than the bottom of the lower rad support, less likely to bottom it out, and only about a quarter inch below the condenser, allowing you to keep the ags if you choose, lines the intercooler up better with the opening in the bumper and only need to trim a couple indents out the lower splash guard. Leaving it how it comes makes the fitment of the lower splash guard look bad and doesn't line up nice with the bumper opening. Doing what I've listed makes it look almost stock and even with keeping the ags it dropped my charge temps by 70-80 F, basically from about 220 down to about 150 on the day i tested it.
  3. Finally got the B6 shocks and struts installed. They are amazing! They ride so much better than stock, roads that I used to dread going down feel much better and handles better too. One note though, anyone with lowering springs keep an eye on your shocks and struts. I only have about 10k miles since putting them on and one strut was blown, dealer reluctantly replaced it, and both back shocks were starting to leak, couldn't tell until I removed the dust boot. I only have 23k miles total on it. One I would say it was just bad luck but with 3 of the 4 having issues I would say the stock shacks and struts can't handle being lowered.
  4. Perblue

    AGS disable 2019+

    Seems kind of pointless unless you are just outright removing them. In this heat wave up here I have yet to see them ever closed. Anyone ever actually test this or is it a I just think or feel kind of thing? Any posts I've read seem to be people who think it helps but no results posted. I think the bigger problem is the cheap intercoolers they put on boosted vehicles.
  5. Welcome! Just don't touch it so it doesn't become another project......yeah right! 🤣 No kidding! I don't recall a single summer where I started to think 30 C actually started to feel "cool" until this year. I'm really hoping for mid 20's when I'm out your way august long. Your humidity tends to be a lot higher.
  6. Perblue

    2010 Edge wont crank

    Sounds like a dead spot on the starter. Instead of just trying to slowly start it, give the key 20 or 30 quick turns from on to start, don't bother clicking it back to off.
  7. Perblue

    Brand new 2021 Edge ST - Blind Spot System Fault

    Haven't seen anyone post about it before so I don't believe so.
  8. Perblue

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    I would wait for this V3 Edge ST & Sport 2.7EB Air Box - Page 6 - Accessories & Modifications - Ford Edge Forum
  9. Haha they must keep Winnipeg better mapped. In Saskatchewan it will yell at me fairly often, especially when I'm in saskatoon. It will get you there though just not always the shortest route. Granted not near as often as the ford one, I apparently drive through fields often.
  10. Perblue

    Titanium ST ???

    Never been a fan of this personally, it would be like putting a SS badge on my V6 camaro. You may be laughed at, but to each their own.
  11. Perblue

    Thud from rear? slowly coming to a stop

    There is a tsb for the straps for the fuel tank. Something about them being too loose and replacing them with different ones. MC-10153937-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov) Could also be something to do with the brakes but I'm just taking a shot in the dark.
  12. 2nd, The hypocrisy is strong with this one!
  13. Perblue

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Ah ok, although extremes can be hit with modding. I do wonder what these transmissions can handle since they are claimed to be just a modified sport transmission. What could they have done to make them weaker yet be rated still for 570 torque. Way off topic though.
  14. Perblue

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Maybe, but considering most people spend a large part of our lives in a vehicle why not make it a more fun thing to be in. This argument also argues against buying a higher horse power anything, we should all be driving edge SE's or better yet ecosports, because what's the point it's only being driven on the street. Ford should also just scrap the turbo on the 2.0l I guess and just sell it NA because what's the point it's only driven on the street and drastically increasing price of the Edge se. Yet a lot of us are willing to spend 7 grand US or more for an extra 85 hp and 100 torque over the current configured SE. I haven't spent near that and have likely gained that again, if something blows I probably will still be under that, granted I do all the work myself. You pay a pretty penny extra for that power no matter what whether it's from factory or from modding. Modding is just more fun because you get to feel and hear the results as you go.
  15. Perblue

    I've started to hate my ST

    Ok so you're just pissy and nothing can be explained, trade it in for a dodge or bmw since in your eyes they are perfect and have no flaws.