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  1. Perblue

    *HELP* Sputtering & Smell

    Take it to the dealer the drive train is covered for 5 years 60k miles. Otherwise double check that the coil packs are seated right and that the connectors to them are fully plugged in and not loose, what you did shouldn't make it run worse.
  2. So paypal gift option would be an option if production numbers were low? Really contemplating ordering one to replace my steeda one.
  3. Perblue

    Towing Capacity on 2016 2.7l

    It's not a case of power, see the 2.7l F150 towing capacity, it can tow much more. It's to do with numerous things - braking, cooling and what the chassis and suspension can handle, all this equates to what the vehicle can tow safely and reliably with buffer room. No matter what they rate towing capacity there will be a fool, not saying that this is you, that figures there vehicle can handle 2 or 3 thousand over its rating even if the manufacturer posted a vehicles absolute maximum towing capacity. Power is not the issue. Imagine someone trying to tow a 6 or 7 thousand pound load with an edge. 😯
  4. Perblue

    Heater issue

    Those are you're AC lines not heater core. There will be rubber hoses that run to the firewall to your heater core, both should feel hot once the vehicle has warmed up some. If not your cooling system wasn't bled properly and your heater core isn't getting antifreeze through it. Also check that you aren't low on coolant as the system may have worked out an air bubble and is now low. Otherwise it will be your blend door actuator not fully moving from hot to cold.
  5. Perblue

    Tires for Snow?

    Doing this will be a lot cheaper than a set of 22" all-weather or winter tire. You could also look for a used set.
  6. Lots of Blue Loctite. I ended up using a milwalkee diamond tipped tile holesaw on a corded drill, with very very frequent dips in oil and steady mild pressure, too much knocks the diamonds off. I tried every type of bit and every one either dulled fast or broke off.
  7. Good luck, I broke my bolt doing mine, not even a 1" impact would move it. Best advice I've seen is a huge cheater bar, pipe on ratchet, on a good quality breaker bar and keep slowly moving it back and forth. It would suck to do on ramps, a lift is definitely best. The ones who seem to say it's easy are 2018 and younger models, on the 2019 and up they seem to have dipped almost the whole bolt in lock tight. ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS WITH A JACK!
  8. Edge is only rated for 3500lbs so they are covered. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, otherwise every speed related offense and death above 70 or 80mph would be the fault of the car manufacturer.
  9. It's rated as a class 2 hitch but has a class 3 receiver, so 2".
  10. Perblue

    confused new 2022 Edge ST owner

    Keep it easy the first 500, then giver(unless you are in an area that experiences true winter, then give it a few minutes to let the turbos warm up during colder months. Ford says it's a class 2 hitch but it has a class 3 receiver, this is normal. Unfortunately yes.
  11. Umm there are no mounts or nuts for the back. That quote seems crazy high for literally jack up car, possibly pull wheel off, unbolt 3 bolts, put in new shock and reverse process. If it was the fronts then it would make more sense. If you do B6's then do all 4 though since the dynamics of them are quite different but really doubt you'll regret it. I love mine and are way more durable and much better warranty.
  12. Perblue

    Heated Steering Wheel

    Did you get it with the Cold Weather Package(Code 55C)? If not you don't have it. See page 10. 2019 Edge Order Guide (ford.com)
  13. Perblue

    Misfire #1- new coils-plugs-pcm… need help

    The 2 wire coil packs will all have constant voltage at the same time, the pcm is the ground. When the coil pack loses ground that causes the coil to fire. Coil On Plug Ignition: The Wired Differences (siu.edu) Coil-on-plug (2-wire) - primary voltage (picoauto.com) "This principle starts with a magnetic field being produced, as the coil's earth circuit is completed by either the contacts or the amplifier providing the coil negative terminal with a path to earth. When this circuit is complete, a magnetic field is produced and builds until the coil becomes magnetically saturated. At the predetermined point of ignition, the coil's earth is removed and the magnetic field collapses. As the field inside the coil's 250 to 350 primary windings collapses, it induces a voltage of 150 to 350 volts." I would suggest a compression test and coolant exhaust gas test, unless the one with no voltage is for cylinder 1 then start there.
  14. Perblue

    Rough Idle and trouble codes P0018 and P0021

    Haha my 2019 ST has started throwing these codes a couple weeks ago and I'm off warranty. Oil pressure, low oil and old oil are good starting places. Next is swap the cam solenoids from bank 1 to 2 and vice versa. If it moves to bank 1, you know it's the solenoids. Also inspect the solenoids for any dirt, etc.(The stage I'm on) If it doesn't move and still throws aa code then from what I know it's time to replace the vvt cam sprocket.
  15. Perblue

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    Sorry for slow follow up. It should be all good, If the bolt did so happen to come undone turning it back, the bolt would have been under torqued. Spark plugs make no difference unless turning the crank. If your crank is set on it's timing mark you don't need to worry about the cylinders, make sure crank and cams are all lined up with their marks and you should be good to go.