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2016 SEL 245/60R18 Stock tires wandering

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I have had a 2016 SEL with stock tires, Michelin 245/60R18 Latitude Tour, around 25K miles, and noticed at the 35psi (checked with a couple of good pressure gauges) inflation, the steering was, well "sensitive", REAL small steering input felt "twichy". I first had the alignment checked at my dealer and everything in spec. I lowered the pressure to 30, ride and steering input felt more comfortable. I am an old Porsche mechanic so OK with making changes and noting differences. 

My wife has the basically same vehicle and year in the Lincoln and the Michelin Premier in the same size so am assuming it is in the tire belts and build.

I have driven it this way for the last 6 months or so and the tire wear not an issue, but with the cold weather the inflation sensors kicked in warnings and I jacked the pressure back up to 35. I will drive it a week or so and see if this old man gets used to it or lowers the pressure again. is there a way to modify the alarm pressure in the on-screen display? California driving so no inclement weather issues.. Thoughts?   Thanks!!



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Inasmuch as air pressure in a tire drops 1 psi for each decline of 10° F . 30 psi at 70°F will drop to 26 psi at 30°F. 


I'd say 32 psi would be a good compromise and still stay above the trigger alarm.

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