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Water in spare tire well - 2011 Edge

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Hi all ... New here, we are looking at a 2011 Edge as a possible purchase. Test drive was fine but on returning we found water in the spare tire well. It was not a measurable amount just bits here and there but there was no reason for it we could see except that it was a rainy day. I see from reading that some of these have leaks at the pillars from roof rack installations but this vehicle did not have a roof rack. There was a fair amount of rust underneath at the rear so I'm wondering if water could be entering from road spray below, though I couldn't find any place where it appeared even close to rusted through. There was no water around the rear liftgate gasket so I doubt it's coming in there. Any thoughts about this? Basically we are trying to figure out how big a red flag it is.


Also this was a FWD model, how do those do in the snow?




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Having had my share of bad luck with water leaking into several cars, I'd say go look at another one. Not saying it cannot be fixed but I know from experience that it's one of those things where you know when you start but have no idea when it will end (if it ever does).

Good luck in your decision,


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