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Vehicle won't turn over just a click


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So I was driving and stop and a store came back out and turned my key to just hear one single click . Wouldn't attempt to turn over tried jumping nothing. Checked fuses relays nothing.. so I hitched a ride came back fiddled some more and it started ran fine the rest of the day next two days it has been same thing starters brand new so is battery, as well as terminals any suggestions 

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Not sure of the year or where you live but next thought is check your grounds, sorry I'm not sure where the are all located, there will be a few though. Also have you tried starting it a dozen times or so quickly, don't turn the key to the off position, if it finally cranks your starter is a dud. There is also the chance that the nuts came loose on the starter.


It won't be a parasitic voltage drain since it starts when left along for a while and isn't fuel since it doesn't even crank over once. To me it's got to be related to the starter. Either poor ground, poor power to it or the new starter is a dud since the rest tests fine. Someone else may have other ideas though.

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