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2013 - power steering hose guide

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Hey everyone, 2013 Edge SEL AWD and looks like I need to replace the power steering pressure hose so just looking for any pdf's or videos on it?

I found a post with a link to a '2010 Edge Power Steering Pump to Steering Gear Pressure Line' so I was hoping for something similar.


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Update: Other than a a couple crappy YouTube videos not seeing much out there...

Maybe time to look for a repair manual.

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Yah I poked around his videos earlier but other than a 'ghost filter' video didn't see what I was looking for.  Thanks though, maybe it is there somewhere...



Just wanted to say with the help of a friend, managed to change mine on a 2013 yesterday but it was not easy. Easy if you have it up on a hoist I'm sure but lying on your back under jack stands and trying to get the banjo bolt in was a nightmare and the other side ain't no picnic either. If you slide under from the front head first, the banjo bolt is just past the stabilizer bar on the drivers side and the line loops up behind the engine and then back down to the pump on the passenger side. Maybe that will help someone visualize how it all connects. We also took the battery out to get access to the bracket up top (just what we did).

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