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TT Steve

Looking for AFE Airbox for 2019-2021 Edge ST

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AFE is backordered on everything. If anyone has one they want to part with, please hit me up. I have a project to do to it and nothing to work off of.



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if youre looking for the filters I have the pair of pro dry S filters let me know 

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How about the updated V3 CAI it fits the ST like a glove. 


It now uses an adapter. The adapter snaps onto the bottom half of the factory air box and uses the factory clips.


The V3 lid then snaps onto the adapter replacing the factory lid and air filter. 



Polished aluminum elbows attach the filter to the cars accordion hose 


The installed V3 CAI This.V3 has the optional auxiliary air intake that removes any restrictions of the snorkel. 


All reviews so far have been positive with reported increases in MPG and performance.😎

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