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  1. TT Steve

    Went to dragstrip with my 2019 Ford Edge ST

    Thanks. I am honestly shooting for high 12s at high altitude w/o turbos.
  2. TT Steve

    Went to dragstrip with my 2019 Ford Edge ST

    Well, it's been a year since updated this. But here we are. Made some changes to the ST. 2019 Ford Edge ST 2.7L TT 5300'+ altitude w/6000' DA 5Star Racing E50 Tune Rev. 3 Ultimate Performance Intercooler AFE 2.5" Cat-back exhaust AFE Intake w/Dry filters (used kit) Velossa Tech Big Mouth Ram-Air CPE Lower Engine Mount Sport Mode and traction control off Stock 21" wheels/tires and stock suspension No weight removal at all 1/2 tank full of fuel 13.36ET @ 103.54mph w/ 1.98 60ft. This is launching in 2nd gear using paddles w/immediate shift to 3rd then 4th soon after. 13.43ET @ 102.89 w/ 2.03 60ft. Launching normal in 1st gear without paddles I am currently working on a custom airbox/ram-air to replace the AFE. Also cold side pipes as well. To be honest, the K&N panel filter is probably as good as the AFE. My times were almost exact. I am also working on DPs as well but will remain catted. Only draw back is this might cause me to go with upgraded turbos "since I'm there".........ugh!
  3. AFE is backordered on everything. If anyone has one they want to part with, please hit me up. I have a project to do to it and nothing to work off of. Steve
  4. TT Steve

    How many Fords have you owned?

    In the past: 1977 Ford Mustang Cobra II - High School years and few years after 1986 Mercury Capri 5.0 1987 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1990 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 Currently have now: 1991 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1977 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 1978 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0 2004 Ford F150 XLT 2019 Ford Edge ST Non-Fords we have now: 2 qty. 2005 Chrysler Crossfires Convertibles - His and Hers. LOL, sort of.
  5. TT Steve

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Who doesn't appreciate your efforts? When the ST came into play, things seem to slow down a bit of course some of that is Facebooks fault. I hate that platform. The ST community is not quite as large as the Sport crowd even though we are hitting 3 years of production now but that will be ending and I am thinking along with any aftermarket support too. Better get what you can now while you can, right? I think everything you all did was cool as hell especially for a crossover platform. And to share it with all the other folks is great, you didn't have to either. I appreciate everything you and others have done on this site and I just barely got into this 4 months ago. I am curious of the next venture and will keep my eyes open for that. Steve
  6. TT Steve

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    I took this as a little picture of something they just got and can't wait to install it. Simple enough. I took this as a message to SC_ST asking how it went and how it works. Probably best to PM as not everyone comes back these posts quickly. And to be honest, there was no need to post this question,as in my honest opinion it was not directed to anybody except SC_ST as he was quoted. Now, the rest of the squabble is pure BS. So just end it now.
  7. TT Steve

    Wives and girlfriends....

    Edge ST I drive mostly. Building 2 Mustang IIs and a Foxbody Mustang. She drives 2 Chrysler Crossfires.
  8. Any real world testing from your current buyers or by yourself? Performance wise?
  9. It sounds like you have a test ST already,
  10. TT Steve

    New Member

  11. TT Steve

    Exhaust issues

    I have not had that issue. But any leaks from the exhaust should be considered dangerous wouldn't you agree? Unless it is isn't that bad.
  12. TT Steve

    Went to dragstrip with my 2019 Ford Edge ST

    Ran today at the strip as this was the last day of the year. Weather was nice and calm of course cooler temps which help. Now the only change to the Edge was a K&N panel filter and the runs were with an E30 tune. Albuquerque Dragstrip - Albuquerque, NM. - Altitude 5300'. DA 6700'. Temperature 68'. Traction control off and in Sport Mode 1/2 tank of fuel 13.86ET @99.43mph w/2.06 60ft. time. A lot of the performance gains is from the filter and cool weather. I am not impressed by the tuner so going to go with someone else. The next tuner will get to enjoy tuning with all the parts I am installing finally but for next year. I will do plenty of Dragy tests though to get it right.
  13. The Granatelli name has been around a long time. When I was looking to supercharge my Mustang II back in 88, I got to meet Joe Granatelli, Jr. and toured the place with Jim Middlebrook who at the time was an engineer there and he showed me the gear driven Vortech supercharger while at Paxton. This was a Paxton product in all reality but Paxton did not like the noisy supercharger so dropped it. Jim Middlebrook grabbed the rights and started Vortech Supercharger in 1990 and the rest is history. Good times..... The turbos sound nice. I am lookin at possibly a Stage 3 here in the near future. Thanks for the update.
  14. That is quick as heck. What tuner do you use if you don't mind me asking? I am slow at 5.60s @79mph with an E30 tune even though I am in a 2019 ST. It seems to be a conservative tune. And am I stiil in the works of trying the airbox on my ST?