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TPMS Sensor Failure

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2007 Edge with ~120k miles.


A few months ago the TPMS sensor failure started showing up on the dash. We had the sensors tested and a couple of them weren't responding or had low batteries, so we had all 4 replaced (which involved getting them converted from the bands to valves at Discount Tire). We also got new tires. The TPMS failure light didn't come back on after that, but after a few hundred miles it came back on and now is consistently on. I've checked the tire pressure numerous times. Any advice?

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On 6/10/2024 at 9:45 AM, Ctakacs9 said:

I took it back to Discount Tire and they checked all 4 sensors and they were responding so he said it's not a sensor issue and likely a system issue. 

Not sure how much you can trust their response.


You could stop in at a place like Autozone and have them scan for stored codes and scan each wheel sensor.


Or go to another tire fitment shop and have them assess and provide a quote.

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